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Internet-and-Business-Online We all know that dofollow blog .menting is a great way of getting backlinks pointing to your website, which in turn ultimately boosts your website’s page rank and indeed improves your keyword ranking. We all also know how difficult it can be to identify high pagerank dofollow blogs for blog .menting. It therefore stands to reason that once identified, you should take all necessary steps to ensure your blog .menting achieves result by your .ments being approved. How do you increase the chances of your blog .ments being approved? By taking the following steps: 1. Read all or scan a reasonable portion of the blog post you intend to .ment on so that you are abreast with the contents and so you are able to make a reasonable blog .ment. 2. Identify and target blogs whose content theme you are reasonably .fortable with and in respect of which you possess some knowledge and experience as a basis for making a reasonable .ment. 3. Your .ment must be directly related to the post you are trying to .ment on and refer to or reply directly to the content of the post. This will make the webmaster know that you have actually read his post. As a result, general .ments such as "Great post, will visit your site again", "This subject is very interesting and you have explained it thoroughly" etc are indicative of spam .ments and any experienced webmaster will immediately trash such .ments. 4. Insert your actual first name in the name space as most webmasters do not like approving .ments with only keywords inserted into the name field. To get SEO benefits, you can go ahead and use the keyword luv plugin so that your name can be inserted as "name @ keyword" or use a format such as "name | keyword" in the name field. 5. For some blogs, there is a space restriction for the name field and if you intend to gain SEO advantages here, you must pick either your main keyword (which is likely to be very short) alone, if that particular website allows such or you are restricted to using your first name alone but of course with backlink pointing to your website. 6. Search for dofollow blogs that were recently .mented on. This considerably increases the chances of your blog .ment being approved as some blogs are either no longer functioning or .ments are closed on some old posts or the webmaster may not be inclined to accept new .ments on these old posts. 7. Search for posts that are just published. This is similar to the above but not exactly so in that here, reference is to more or less real time posts which is best gotten through setting google alerts. As these posts are fresh, the webmaster is likely to be inclined to approving fairly well written .ments unlike later on when .ments on the blog post may have be.e saturated. 8. Search for blogs that use the ".ment luv", "keyword luv", "top .menters" wordpress plugins. These blogs more than others are more .ment friendly and your .ments therefore have a greater chance of being approved. 9. For some blogs, you should not link to an unduly long url such that occurs with some inner pages. This is because some blogs regard such links as spam. 10. Do not make more than one .ment on a particular blog per day. This is because some webmasters regard an attempt to do otherwise as an attempt to spam their blog with .ments. 11. Use a true picture of yourself as your avatar i.e. get a gravatar. Most webmasters and indeed most sites generally look more favourably on a .menter who reflects his actual picture and regard such .ments as more credible. He is thought not to have anything to hide unlike most .menters who hide behind "masks". 12. Before making your .ment, .pliment the effort of the webmaster on the usefulness of the post. We are all human and a little massaging of ego does help to get your .ment approved. Do not stop here however but go on to now make a direct .ment on some particular aspect of the post, otherwise, stopping at merely massaging the webmaster’s ego will be regarded as spam by most webmasters. 13. Where you can make reference to another blog post, article or news item to buttress your .ment, by all means please do, as you .e out as highly informed this way and increase your chances of being favourably looked upon by the webmaster. 14. Your website should portray seriousness which can be depicted by good number of backlinks, fair PR level, reasonable volume of posts on your own blog etc as most webmasters first take a look at your blog/website via your link before approving your .ment. 15. Search for blogs that have a good history of approving reasonably well written .ments which you can deduce from previous .ments on the blog as some webmasters are just difficult and unfriendly and no matter what you do, will not approve .ments from those they do not know. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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