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27 years old girl Yoona smart anti-aging! BNT News – Sohu News this year, SNSD allowed the members is 27 years old, but has become more and more beautiful. This is her long time as Innisfree cosmetics brand (Innisfree) spokesman of the reason. Her skin is shiny, even said she is a more than 10 year old girl is also not too much, but also with the image of naturalistic philosophy is built, by the strong support for South Korea and around the world women. Yoona’s beautiful skin secret has always been a topic of concern. Especially for women entering the middle and late 20 years, anti aging work is a topic that can not be ignored. It’s also important for young, beautiful Yoona. Yoona is not a girl? Recently, electronic pictorial SNSD members in Yoona’s "27 year old Yoona, today I am the youngest" as the theme made. The pictorial shows natural and mature femininity through the natural messy hairstyle and Yoona’s unique fragrance. Through this picture, we notice that Yoona is no longer a girl, and Yoona has entered the age of need to manage. If you want to keep young skin like Yoona, you may as well focus on the following anti-aging products. The first to use make-up water to take care of the skin, then use contains 9 kinds of effective plant extracts Jeju Island lingcao with nine components of Innisfree Zhenzhi repair essence, make the skin as smooth as silk. Then apply cream to Innisfree Jeju Island cold, to add nutrients to the skin with sufficient water, will be able to complete the initial stage of anti-aging skin care. Beauty is the pursuit of a woman’s life, this spring let your skin is also more and more young, let the skin renewal native beauty! Portsmouth? Jane Kim with Innisfree BNT DB BNT news news Innisfree, contribute mailbox news@bntnews

27岁少女时代允儿聪明抗老!-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 今年,少女时代成员允儿已经是27岁了,但却变得越来越美。这也是她可以长时间担任化妆品品牌悦诗风吟(innisfree)代言人的原因。她的皮肤光泽靓丽,即使称她是10多岁的女孩儿也毫不为过,而且形象还与自然主义理念十分相搭,受到了韩国及世界各地女性的强烈支持。   允儿的美丽肌肤秘诀一直是人们关注的话题。尤其对步入20岁中期和后期的女性而言,抗老工作更是不容忽视的话题。这对拥有年轻美貌的允儿也同样重要。   ? 允儿已不是少女      最近,少女时代成员允儿的电子画报以“27岁允儿,今天我最年轻”为主题制作而成。此次画报通过自然凌乱的发型与允儿特有的清香,展现出自然成熟的女人味儿。通过这张图片我们察觉到允儿已不是少女,允儿也进入了需要管理的年龄。   ? 进入抗老时期      如果想要像允儿一样维持年轻的皮肤,不妨关注以下抗衰老产品。首先要用化妆水来打理肌肤,然后使用蕴含9种有效植物萃取物的济州岛灵草符合成分的悦诗风吟九重臻致修护精华素,打造如丝绸般光滑的肌肤。然后均匀涂抹悦诗风吟济州岛寒兰至润面霜,给皮肤补充充足的营养与水分,就能完成抗老护肤的初级阶段。   美丽是女人一生的追求,今年春天让你的皮肤也越来越年轻,让皮肤换发原生美吧!朴?珍 金媚 文 innisfree 悦诗风吟,bnt新闻DB   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章:

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