4 cars collide in Zhangzhou, and the driver will get married at the end of the year-winavi

Zhangzhou staged 4 car pileup at the end of the driver to get married last night at about 9, occurred in Xiangcheng District Aulacese door of the community with four car rear end accident "Crazy" circle of friends! Passerby ABC car parked well, can also be a chain collision? The driver must have drunk driving again! On the evening of 20 at 9:36 PM, Xiangcheng police squadron received the alarm handling of the accident, said the crash occurred in Vietnam on the gate of the community, the police rushed to the scene. The police in the driver Zhao when asked, obviously smell its body thick wine! Indeed, the original Zhao and friends dinner drink a cup of wine and two bottles of beer, this to the generation of driving, because the closer, Zhao still hold fluky psychology to open his own car. Unexpectedly, the alcohol was not clear on the first day, which led to a chain collision accident! Subsequently, the alcohol content of the blood was over 200ml 100ml, which was suspected of dangerous driving. At present, the case is still under further processing. In that they will face punishment, Zhao police Milo to ask such a question…… Zhao police comrades, I will get married at the end of the year… Does it leave a stain? I’m afraid my family is worried…. Drunk driving into the penalty, you this is a criminal offense! This record will follow you for a lifetime! He had to the police Milo too late for regrets for his momentary fluke pay.

漳州上演4车连环相撞 司机年底就要结婚   昨晚9点左右,芗城区悠乐社区门口发生的一起“四车追尾”交通事故“疯传”朋友圈!   路人ABC   人家车停得好好的,也能连环撞?驾驶员想必又是酒驾了吧!   20日晚9点36分许,芗城交警事故处理中队接到警情,称在悠乐社区门口发生一起追尾事故,执勤民警立即赶赴现场。民警在对肇事司机赵某进行询问时,明显闻到其身上浓浓的酒味!果不其然,原来赵某与朋友聚餐时喝了两杯白酒和几瓶啤酒,本想等代驾来,因为家离得近,赵某还是抱着侥幸心理自己开了车。没想到刚开不久就酒精上头意识不清,引发了一场连环撞车的事故!   随后,经现场酒精测试仪检测,其血液中酒精含量超过200ml 100ml,涉嫌危险驾驶罪。目前案件还在进一步办理中。   在得知自己将面临处罚后,赵某向交警蜀黍提出这样一个问题。。。。。。   赵某   警察同志,我年底就要结婚了。。。这会留下污点吗?我怕家里人担心。。。。   醉驾入刑,你这个是刑事犯罪了!这个记录将跟着你一辈子!   交警蜀黍   后悔莫及的他不得不为自己的一时侥幸付出代价。相关的主题文章:

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