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Legal You bought a vehicle and from day one you’ve had problems with it. Someone told you about the California Lemon Law and you’re wondering if you qualify for it. Keep reading to determine if it applies to your situation. This law is definitely on the side of the consumer. It provides the purchaser, if qualified and they win, with a refund from the manufacturer or a new replacement vehicle. Of course, as we’ve said, there are qualifications. But what are they? Firstly, the vehicle must have been in the dealership repair shop for a minimum of 30 days (although they do not have to be consecutive days). Several attempts by the repair shop have had to be made but you are still dealing with the situation. In the past, the law stated that there had to be 4 attempts made to repair your vehicle within 18 months, but that has changed. To qualify for the California Lemon Law, you can have less than 4 repair attempts as well as the vehicle being over 18 months old. This is probably the biggest change in this law. The legal system now looks at every situation on a case by case basis instead of one law governing it all. One very big misconception is that this law only covers new vehicles. That just isn’t true. Your vehicle even if it’s used, can qualify as long as it’s still under warranty. So, for example, you bought a vehicle which had 25,000 miles on it. As long as you have a warranty that covers that vehicle for 36 months or 36,000 miles, then you are okay. This is a part of this law that many people do not understand and because of it, never remedy their unfortunate situation. Finally, you have to show, in writing that repair attempts were made to the vehicle. There has to be a ‘reasonable’ number of repair attempts to prove that you tried to get the problem remedied. If it is still defective and you have done due diligence to improve the problem you will probably qualify. Without speaking to an attorney, it is very difficult to objectively review your situation and discover if you qualify under this law or not. Find a lawyer that deal specifically with this lemon law in California so they are very aware of all the pitfalls that you might run into. Many California Lemon Law attorneys will do a free evaluation of your situation and inform you if you qualify immediately. Also, look for an attorney that will take your case on without any money out of pocket for you. If you understand this law, it can be your best friend when dealing with a lemon vehicle issue. Contact an attorney specialist to get evaluated. You’ve spent a lot of hard earned money on your vehicle and the manufacturer should not escape with selling you a lemon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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