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Often pull nose carefully pull out nasal polyps! Nose, I believe we have done. Although it is a trivial matter to pull the nose, but the nose is a bad habit, if often pull the nose, will cause harm to the body, and even lead to nasal polyps. Do not pull the nose is often the reason why many people pull the nose, probably because the nose itch, it may be because the nose there are dirty things to clean up, this is excusable. However, some people have a habit of picking his nose, no matter the nose is not dirty dirty, all want to reach out and pull up medical experts said, nose and nose hair is the first barrier to protect the nose, nose has a good filtering effect of breathing in air, will prevent the intrusion of bacteria, but when you pick your nose when the hair will fall off, easy to bacterial invasion and infection caused by external stimulation, nasal cavity. Long term nose is harmful to the human body, not only hurt the nasal cavity, but also cause serious damage to the oral mucosa. Often pull the nose can cause nasal polyps and nasal polyps, are Chinese medicine known as rhinopolypus, is a common disease in Department of ENT, nasal polyps occurred in nasal neoplasm, its surface is smooth, white or pale pink, soft touch and pain, accompanied by persistent congestion, hyposmia, nose increased. Headache, dizziness and other symptoms, caused a great threat to the health of patients. Nasal polyps are mostly due to hormone patients usually eat spicy food, the heat toxin accumulation caused by the nose. In addition, often pull the nose can also cause nasal polyps, because human finger is dirty, it is too many to count. Pull the nose, hard nails will damage the skin and mucous membranes of the nose, causing bleeding, the bacteria will be directly into the nail in the nasal cavity, causing rhinitis, long-term past, will cause nasal polyps. How to prevent nasal polyps? 1, do not pull or do not pull the nose usually in life, to get rid of the bad habit of pulling the nose, to avoid the fingers of bacteria into the nose, if there are dirty things in the nose, it is recommended to use clean water to clean the nose or wipe with a paper towel. 2, eat less spicy food, Chinese medicine believes that spicy food is easy to make gas in the lungs, and then presented in the nose caused by nasal polyps. So we should reduce the intake of spicy food, quit smoking and alcohol, develop good eating habits. 3, go out wearing a mask, it is best to wear a mask to avoid toxic gases, dust and other long-term stimulation of the nasopharynx. 4, the prevention of influenza prevention of colds, according to seasonal changes, timely change of clothing. If you have a stuffy nose do not forcibly blow your nose, so as not to cause sinusitis, otitis media. Nasal polyps have a negative impact on the health of the human body, so we should always pay attention to the nose, try not to pull the nose, if there are symptoms of nasal polyps in a timely manner to the regular hospital for treatment.相关的主题文章:

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