The most beautiful scenery! Cangzhou storm police carts Bangkun according to users for the sun (Figu 乃々果花

The most beautiful scenery! Cangzhou storm police carts Bangkun according to users for the sun (Figure) – Beijing – the implementation of traffic police vehicle broke down. Sun Mingshan she Washington (reporter Ma Dongsheng correspondent Sun Mingshan) yesterday, Cangzhou people have online drying out in the water to help traffic police directing traffic, carts, help the aged and the young photos, these "green fluorescence in the traffic police on duty are wet pants, shoes filled with rain, but they are completely ignored by netizens known as the most beautiful scenery in the water. Yesterday morning, after a night of rain in Cangzhou urban area, because the road area of water to travel inconvenience. More than 5 in the morning, the traffic police have been on duty, check the water situation, directing traffic. A taxi ride to the deeper water road broke down, the driver to the police for help, in order not to affect the traffic, the traffic police will first taxi back to a safe location, and help the driver to find the tow rope, tied to the taxi behind the police car, police driving a police car will drag the taxi to the nearby garage. About 8:20, is the Development Zone Road Traffic Police on duty received a driver’s help, said a hospital driving from Yanshan to Cangzhou to see a doctor, driving to the city, heard the urban area with deep water, under the overpass impassable, do not know where to go, the patients in critical condition. After receiving help, two traffic police on duty police car driving way, only more than and 10 minutes of the patient to the hospital, help the patient to the emergency room. After the understanding, the patient suffering from cerebral hemorrhage, more than and 60 years old, Yanshan County, the morning of his family driving a car from Yanshan to Cangzhou to see a doctor, as a result of traffic police escort in a timely manner, patients get timely treatment. It is reported that 24 to 25 am to 14 am, Cangzhou and other places have reached more than 54 mm rainfall stations or more than 100 mm, Huang Huayang Town, the largest rainfall of two mm, 217 mm. It is expected that the next 7 days in most parts of the province to sunny to cloudy weather, there is no significant rainfall weather, the highest temperature is generally below the temperature of 31 degrees Celsius, cool weather.相关的主题文章:

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