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Seven categories of people to increase income to see if you have it? Seven categories of people to increase income, come and see if you have it? Source: China is the Wednesday afternoon of October 28th, Chinese football history "the biggest" coach – World marshal Marcello · Lippi formally meet with the media. China News Agency reporter Han Haidan photo reported Chinese FA management made a major adjustment, will be responsible for the system from the past to become the main responsibility of the Football Association, the coach, in department is only responsible for logistics service work, have no right to interfere in team affairs; the coach has the technical and tactical independent development, selection and appointment and bonus distribution decision power. Lippi in the year 20 million euro, striking one snag after another, about 147 million yuan of income to refresh the record for the highest salary of the football coach. More amazing, there is only 4 million 500 thousand euro as the national football coach of the Houston, another 15 million 500 thousand euros is also Hengda Football School Advisory income. Lippi of the "high" hot topic, China people talked about Lippi’s salary for their wages closely reasoned and well argued, but, they really understand? October 10th, the State Council on the promotion of key groups of urban and rural residents to stimulate the vitality of the implementation of the opinions (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") issued. According to the opinions requirements, the future of the seven categories of income groups will have varying degrees of improvement. Come and have a look at you? The income of a crowd: skilled personnel income means: high technology have more perfect technical workers incentive mechanism, optimize the occupation skill standard grades; occupation qualification, qualification certification through the channel; create a social atmosphere of advocating skills, vigorously promote labor model, country artisans and technology innovation talents, to encourage local support for key the shortage of skilled workers in the field of the city settled, purchase rental housing, such as school children. The income of two groups: new ways to increase farmers income occupation: to accelerate the process of sharing the fruits of modern occupation, improve the new occupation farmer income ability, new occupation farmer training into education and training related to the development of modern agriculture planning; mining income potential, encourage farmers to adopt high efficiency technology; new occupation broaden farmers’ income sources, family farms, and actively cultivate professional farmers, farmers’ cooperatives, agricultural enterprises and other new agricultural business entities and agricultural social service subject, development of appropriate scale of operation, more channels to increase the farmers’ collective and individual share of value-added income, equity returns, asset returns. The income of three groups: researchers’ Income: wage income, project achievements reward incentive, improve wage decision mechanism, scientific research units give people more control over the property, security researchers a reasonable level of wages; improvement of scientific research projects and funds management, use of the scientific research project funds for scientific research personnel incentive Guide; improve the performance evaluation and incentive mechanism, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights on innovation of science and technology achievements. Increase the population of four: small and micro entrepreneurs to increase the way: to reduce the cost of entrepreneurship, improve innovation and Entrepreneurship相关的主题文章:

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