The latest research revealed Charon polar dark red plaque Mystery (video) 海思k3v2

The latest research revealed Charon polar dark red plaque mystery shock! According to new horizons shooting Pluto and its moons of NASA’s new horizons probe the latest observation, Charon Arctic covered with a lot of dark red plaques, experts said, the mysterious dark red plaques may be a solid material from Pluto’s atmosphere of methane. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that at present, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft observed Charon Arctic dark red plaques, astronomers will be the area known as the "demon". Shooting astronomers study new horizons probe the Charon image, discovered Charon Arctic dark red plaque mystery. It looks like Pluto "methane painting", formed on the surface of charon. The researchers pointed out that these methane may be leaking out of the atmosphere of Pluto and Charon when passing methane flow of methane trapped in polar regions. They pointed out that Charon Arctic long time in shadow, means that the satellite temperature dropped to very low, in order to make methane to form solid ice deposited. After a long winter, Charon exposed polar chemical reaction in the sun light, resulting in methane ice red. At present, the latest research report published in the recent publication of the "natural" magazine, the Lowell Observatory in Arizona astronomer will Grundy (Will Grundy) pointed out that this study will explain Pluto other satellites appear similar red patches, for example: Charon two. Charon spacecraft shooting the latest new vision of an image display, Charon polar cap area appears red, the red area is dotted with some thousands of meters in diameter of the impact crater. The probability of occurrence of these large craters is low, it may appear for millions of years, so these craters are suggestive of the presence of a red substance deposition is very slow. It is confirmed by the observation data of infrared spectrometer that it is formed by slow deposition. It is reported that Charon is 1207 kilometers in diameter, is known to Pluto 5 satellites in the largest one. (long compile)相关的主题文章:

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