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"Water deep breath" works on paper exhibition in the Liu Haisu Art Museum opened branch guests cut the ribbon at three p.m. on November 14, 2016, the second "color deep breath" works on paper exhibition opened at the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai branch. The exhibition by Tan Genxiong as academic director, Hong Ping, Ping planning, invited a total of fourteen domestic and international art experts, a total of more than 80 paintings exhibition. The exhibition of Shanghai Artists Association, sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Cultural Bureau of Putuo District, Shanghai branch of the Liu Haisu Art Museum, Putuo District Museum of art, watercolor artists association hosted the working committee of Shanghai municipality. The exhibition of Chinese and foreign artists: Wang Weixin (Beijing), Marcus, Tan Genxiong) lupertz Germany (Shanghai), Yang Qi (Germany), Yang Jinsong (Zhejiang), Shen Fan (Shanghai), Wang Kai (Shanghai), Liu Yaping (Shanghai), Sun Liang (Shanghai), Xie Ru Jay (Fujian), Huang Yuanqing (Shanghai), D (Shanghai), Zheng Zhiming (Shanghai), Chen Xinmao (Shanghai) Note: the artist does not rank the scene before and after the guests host Mr. Tan Genxiong speech Mr. Tan Genxiong spoke today: Fourteen artists have been unaware for their academic concerns, reflects the contemporary art is a personal story, is "present" a personal and social interaction of the "contemporary" metaphor. If they are too hard on the contemporary art, is a kind of deprivation of liberty art discourse, this is also the most artists do not want to see. Otherwise, the blind obsession with traditional art and the resulting confusion, how good? Especially in the era of neutrino, all tangible and intangible, including the existence and nothingness medium as well as the ideological doctrine, so nihility and misty. No, they don’t exist! This is the neutrino era of human experience of the past simply deny. It is because of "Negation", it is not only the meaning of the attribute, but never like to end up in the relationship between the loss of starting point again and again. So, what is art? It is not a response to the ultimate proposition. On the contrary, what is art, it is the last century dada dada is the answer: "dada" dada. Not until the beginning of the turnover in the logic of metaphor rhetoric, connected with no nexus, no specific means. There is no doubt that today we can answer the question of art, it is by no means an art!   in fact, there is no problem relating to the practice of contemporary art art, on the premise of "water deep breath" merely refers to a dozen exhibitors by instinct driven artists. Therefore, we do not have to count words authentic art what such clear words, also does not need to correct our thinking to develop perennial habit; art is art, art is the hearts of every artist! It often goes on and on, until one day we find out the importance of our present artistic work. Perhaps, this assumption is interpreted like is superfluous, trifles embellishment, or take the ramble, and feather do acting, and, and when these words into our familiar previous mechanical procedures, we will ask the present has no theoretical basis to support the human art form of subversion. Good?相关的主题文章:

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