Welcome to the National Day famous sculptor Changan Street Jinqiao 1926年属相�

Ying Guo famous sculptor Changan Street Bridge on the source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Mengxi Italy September 22nd Florence Biennale Lifetime Achievement Award winner, the famous sculptor Shu Yong large interactive landscape sculpture "the Silk Road" Golden Bridge completed, officially unveiled in Chang’an Avenue, this is a piece of art on display for the first time since the founding of People’s Republic of China in Chang’an Avenue. In September 23rd during the national day, walk from Tiananmen to the east of the public and visitors will see a flashing glittering "Zhaozhou Bridge" stands in the intersection of Dongdan, particularly rosy. Tiananmen square and along the Chang’an Avenue national flower landscape is the biggest highlight of the National Day celebrations every year, every eleven people around the holidays many came from abroad came to appreciate the national flower. Unlike previous years, this year, Chang’an Avenue is not only along the bed by the combination of plant landscape, the first appearance of a real art "Golden Bridge" the Silk Road in the National Day flower landscape. "The Silk Road", a total length of 28 meters, 6 meters high, 4 meters wide, by nearly 20 thousand block "The Belt and Road" within the scope of national flower, the Silk Road "BRIC" build above the frame based Chinese old bridge Zhaozhou Bridge and the other. It is an important part of this year’s National Day 67 anniversary of the Tiananmen and along the Chang’an Avenue theme flower landscape layout, but also "the Silk Road" Golden Bridge in the international arena after extensive attention, to display for the first time. "The Silk Road" is the bridge to The Belt and Road "national strategy for the creation of context of the creation of large-scale interactive landscape sculpture, this piece is Shu Yong by the Milan World Expo organizing committee invited representatives of Chinese participate in 2015 Milan World Expo, is a piece of art was the largest volume. Once appeared to receive recognition and praise in the world, become a UNESCO World "Silk Road Plan" official cooperation projects, the United Nations permanent glory logo of the UNESCO authorization, creator of Shu Yong also invited to become the UNESCO official partner of the artist. Milan World Expo Art Exhibition on how Chang’an Avenue yesterday morning, the sculptor Shu Yong in Chang’an Avenue came to Dongdan along the southwest corner of the intersection of the Silk Road "Golden Bridge" flower area, see your this sculpture has been completed in the night before to build. During the day, Shu Yong and gardeners with thousands of potted plants placed in the "Golden Bridge", complete the background layout and the display of the bridge on the lawn. Shu Yong told the evening news interview revealed, "the Silk Road" Golden Bridge received many of the city’s invitation, everybody wants to become the first city this piece of art exhibition. But Shu Yong believes that the capital of Chang’an Avenue should be "the Silk Road Bridge" after returning to the first best. The "Golden Bridge" in Chang’an Avenue on the Silk Road to Milan World Expo exhibited slightly different, the bridge on both sides of the red giant petals is specially added to the new. This is the theme of its own flower landscape since the most important component of the work, the overall weight of 100 tons, the most difficult construction, because of the particularity of Chang’an Avenue, the security requirements are very strict, the construction time only at night. Prior to the construction of the bridge to hire experts to draw precise structure and.相关的主题文章:

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