Chongqing Qijiang found strange mushroom 小坂めぐる

Chongqing Qijiang found "strange mushroom" recently, some people in the area long Tianlin Qijiang discovered a peculiar shape, somewhat similar to the mushroom plant. Beside the roots of many trees in the Tian Lin forest, the reporters also saw the mushroom like plants which made the local people feel puzzled. In addition to appearance, color and other aspects of the appearance of some rare, the villagers told reporters, this mysterious plant has a certain medicinal value, but whether it is true, they want to listen to expert opinion. Yesterday, deputy researcher of Chongqing Medicine Research Institute Lin Maoxiang in planting field research found that the plant balanophoraceae Balanophora plants — deblossoming Balanophora, is a parasitic plant, often parasitic on Fagaceae plant roots, because it itself is not the root, it is by absorbing nutrients to other plant roots the growth and reproduction of the plant, located in China’s Hubei, Fujian, Guangdong and Guangxi, Yunnan and Sichuan, growth at an altitude of 660 meters to 1700 meters thick, dioecious, medicinal value is a certain, but has not yet carried out artificial cultivation. (Chongqing network radio and television station)

重庆綦江发现“奇形蘑菇” 最近,有市民在綦江长田林区发现了一种外形奇特,有些类似蘑菇的植物。在长田林区的许多树根边旁,记者也见到了这种让当地人倍感疑惑的蘑菇样植物。除外观、颜色等外形方面有些罕见外,村民告诉记者,这种略带神秘色彩的植物相传还有一定的药用价值,不过事实是否如此,他们也想听听专家的意见。昨天,重庆市药物种植研究所副研究员林茂祥在实地考证后认定,这种植物为蛇菰科蛇菰属植物——疏花蛇菰,是一种寄生植物,通常寄生在壳斗科植物的根部,由于它本身没有根系,它是靠吸收其他植物根上的营养才能生长繁殖,这种植物多分布在我国湖北、福建、两广、云南及四川等地,生长于海拔660米到1700米的密林中,雌雄异株,的确有一定的药用价值,不过目前尚未进行人工引种栽培。(重庆网络广播电视台)相关的主题文章:

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