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Fashion-Style Rajasthan, the royal land of India, from where the folklore of ghosts, aroma of delicious dal-baati, and sights of colorful bangles emerge, is also the home of the widely popular Bandhani sarees. Alternately known as bandhej sarees , these sarees have a long story behind their rich creation. It is said that since pre-historic times, dating back almost 5000 years, the skillful artisans of Rajasthan have tried to experiment with tie-and-dye techniques to produce vibrant designs that are characterized by a similar pattern. Today, there are various such patterns that define bandhej sarees such as leheriya, shikari, and ekdali, depending upon how the tie-and-dye is formed. Usually, patterns of dots, squares, and diamonds is what adorns bandhej sarees and even though popularized by Rajasthani artisans, the neighboring similar state of Gujarat, with whom Rajasthan shares quite a lot of cultural characteristics, has also worked extensively on this form of saree making. The regions of Bhuj and Saurashtra are particularly famous for producing distinctive styles of bandhej sarees. Apart from bandhej sarees, India is home to a variety of sarees. Indian sarees are pretty multifarious, in the sense that a single material is used to produce so many distinct varieties of sarees. You will find the usage of silk in sarees being produced in North India, Central India, as well as South India! Similarly, other materials like chiffon and georgette remain quite popular among their target audience. In a country like ours with such a huge population and tastes of the natives differing every several hundreds of kilometers, it is pretty natural for thousands of different varieties of sarees to exist. In spite of the availability of so many sarees, women considered chiffon as the reason why the trend of wearing sarees heightened at a point of time. Chiffon sarees are incredibly .fortable and the material gives such an overall impression that one feels as if the sarees is flowing like river. Produced out of silk, chiffon is a pretty trendy material to produce sarees from. Though it was initially considered difficult to work on chiffon, modern day designers came out with marvelous creations that stunned everyone. Since then, the trend has .pletely changed. Another material which stems out of silk is georgette. It is another popular choice among young women due to its light weight quality. Those who can’t pull off carrying heavy embroidered sarees with ease usually prefer georgette as georgette sarees make them feel .fortable. Today, there are various ethnic designs, floral prints, metallic patterns and the likes available in ge.ette. Be it a wedding in the family or the success party of your childhood friend, the subtle shades of ge.ette will make all heads turn at the party and make you the center of attraction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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