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Beauty According to online searches for anti aging remedies, there are a lot of us wanting to retain a youthful look! Aging is inevitable. We’d all like to do so gracefully, and hopefully, retain at least some of our youthful appearance. In fact, there are many herbs and nutrients we can use to restore and keep a healthier and more youthful looking skin. Following an anti aging skin care strategy can also add years to your life! The herbalist uses a holistic, or whole body approach when re.mending healing plants. The idea is that the apparent problem is usually only a symptom, not the cause. This is particularly evident in problems of the skin. In the natural process of aging, skin loses elasticity, gravity pulls loose skin downward, and wrinkles start to appear. This process can be significantly slowed and in some cases, even reversed. Good nutrition is essential to any anti aging strategy. Due to poor .mercial growing practices, it’s difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs for optimum health. Supplements, in my opinion, are necessary to ensure adequate nutrition. Three of the most important nutrients in any anti aging skin care program are Vitamins A, C, and E. These, in correct proportions and sufficient quantity, will restore elasticity and a supple, softer appearance to the skin. Zinc also plays an important role, optimizing assimilation of these vitamins. Apply Vitamin E oil topically to crows feet, forehead, lip lines, and other problem areas for remarkable results. The easiest method is to pierce the end of a Vitamin E gel cap, and simply squeeze the oil directly on the skin. It’s quite sticky, but if you do this at bedtime, it’s fairly well absorbed by morning. Cocoa butter is an excellent anti aging moisturizer. Applied to the skin on a daily basis brings wonderful results in just a couple of weeks. You’ll see the difference! Papaya is a natural skin healer, used during the Civil War as a dressing for wounds. Papaya leaves are both antiseptic and promote new cell growth. Today, papaya is sold in tablet form, usually for indigestion. Make your own anti aging skin dressing: grind several tablets into a powder, adding a little water to make a paste. Apply directly to the skin, and leave on for about half an hour. Rinse off. Another great natural product that promotes new cell growth is Aloe Vera, cream and serums that are made from the inner gel and unfiltered are best, if you want to go all the way you can also get drinking gel, which tastes disgusting but is a great benefit to you generally. The most cost effective skin care product there is that is so over looked is water. Water is one of the key elements that will truly help your skin. Go ahead and down 6-8 glasses of it each and every day. This will definitely slow the aging process. Don’t be a couch potato. Stay active and exercise regularly. Regular exercise gets your circulation going, and its anti aging effects will be visible on your skin. Your whole body will feel the difference. An anti aging strategy need not be difficult or time consuming. Just a few minutes effort each day works wonders. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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