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Advertising The design of your trade show booth is very important. Great deals of exhibitors make the wrong choice every day due to lack of knowledge of the trade show industry. No two companies are the same and therefore no two designs should be the same. There are many companies out there that just pull generic designs from their portfolio and expect it to work for their clients. Some actually do work to some degree. If you have a choice of choosing a design that is specific to your firm and have a choice of picking one out of a catalogue, what would you do? I would hope that the specific or custom design would be your choice. Why? Custom designs are much more in depth as to what the exhibitor wants and needs. Custom design makes you stand out from the rest of exhibits and competitor at the show. At one particular show a client wanted to stand out from the rest of inline booth at a particular trade show. We came together with a booth design that was unique. On the back wall of the booth we provide a giant giraffe cut out, which seem to hang over the back wall. The overall theme of the booth was "head and shoulders above the competition". The show hall was full with conversation about this giraffe. The show was a success, many leads were generated and the sales follow up was also very successful. I mention this to help and convince exhibitors to stay away from cookie cutter designs. Be unique in your company exhibit booth design. Gathering portfolio pictures from exhibit house website do not work. It makes no sense, your company is unique so should your trade show booth design. A good exhibit house can work out a custom design booth for you, to get a non obligatory custom trade show booth design contact .eldsusa.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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