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Spirituality Activating the power of the mind is the stage that really opens up new channels within you, so do not rush it. What I, Stephen Richards, am about to reveal to you is tried and tested, not taken from some e-book off the web. Forget penning your orders! That is better left to the amateurs! My methods are very advanced, beyond what you will find on any web page. In fact I am the only one in the West using these Cosmic Ordering methods, that is how advanced they are! Set your mind for what it is you desire, something small to start with. Now with your eyelids closed, look up with your eyes to the inside of your forehead. Do not overly strain your eyes. Now count down slowly from 100 down to 1. You may get halfway and find your eyes are straining, that’s fine … just stop, open your eyes and rest for a while. When you are easily able to get down from the count of 100 to 1 then you can move to the next stage. This may take a few days to master, but do persevere. Here follows the basic foundations for a successful master of mind power. In your mind’s eye visualise yourself wearing one of those tricorn hats (also known as a tri-cornered hat or three-cornered hat). Feel it on your head, close your eyes, allow the hat to stay in its triangular shape, and imagine it having an apex, right above the crown of your head. Focus your eyes as you did in the looking up to your forehead task. Now visualise a powerful sphere of energy that is purple in colour descending from above you and entering your head through the apex of the hat. Let the words of your order be released to the sphere as it waits to collect your order. Once it has absorbed your order then it leaves the way it came in. The whole process should not take any longer than the time it would take you to brush your teeth. That is a very basic and beginner’s way to place an order. When you first place an order you can use what is called a ‘step order’. This is for something small, it is just to get you familiar with how it works and to see if you are doing it right. Once you start amassing those step orders then you can move on to the larger ones. You are a new starter, a learner, so don’t rush into placing impossible orders! The minute you be.e vexed or start tapping your fingers in anticipation of when your order will arrive is the very minute you can kiss it goodbye! Just remain focused, don’t try harder … just continue having belief. OK, if it hasn’t manifested then just push on with more step orders. Get the feel for it, and have an air of expectancy. It is vital that your level of optimism is maintained at an elevated state for this to have a successful out.e. Place little emphasis on what you have just asked for, however do leave subtle reminders around your home of what you have asked for. Create a ‘wish’ board, cut out images from magazines, etc and make a collage of what you desire. Eventually when you have mastered this method of manifesting you WILL be able to move on to the more advanced methods and place orders for larger requests. I have painstakingly written a book that entails all of what you need to know. What prompted me to do this was the total lack of understanding from those purporting to be ‘experts’ in this discipline. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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