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Music Whatever stage you are in as a song writer, I know you are always looking for helpful tips to make you that much better. Very few people are born who automatically know how to write a song. With the exception of your genius music .poser, most people have to work at the art form of writing a song, regardless of the genre. Some of you reading this may be wondering, where does the inspiration .e from? The answer is broad but inspiration for a song writer can .e from anywhere. Over the years, I tend to notice that people take inspiration from life experiences. With this being the case, the more living you do, the more you can be inspired. This is your cue, get out there and live and you will be more adapt to know how to write a song. Read more, travel more or visit with friends more. Create a life to write about! Next, don’t think of every mistake you make writing a song a bad one. Mistakes can open our minds to all new possibilities. Try to stay on key but as you go along, write all your ideas down so you can .e back to them later. On the same previce, don’t be so dead set on how to write a song one particular way. If you find yourself where you’ve made a mistake and it works, then go with it! If you find yourself without new ideas or at a block then just start playing around here and there and you might find something to go with. A song writer can really generate ideas from just fumbling and messing around. Sometimes a music .poser can get stuck on one formula for their songs. It is important to do what works for you but it is equally as important to not get stuck on one formula for everything. You have to try new things constantly when working on how to write a song. Don’t be that artist on the radio that is known only because all their music sounds the same. Explore all avenues, be creative! Music theory is a powerful tool for every music .poser but you don’t have to be overly technical. Yes, music should fit together and sound great but don’t force yourself to follow set rules. Adding different chords or unusual sounds to your music can benefit your overall sound greatly. Lastly, if you ever find that you have the block of a song writer, then you need to find inspiration elsewhere. Pop in some of your favorite albums. Listen intently so every aspect of their songs. By no means am I saying copy other musicians but do try to generate ideas from other musicians. Blend your own style into the chords or riffs of others. This may just jumpstart your own creative juices and get you out of your block. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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