Acting For Web Videos – Seven Tips That Will Get You

Arts-and-Entertainment There is a wannabe actor in all of us, all of us at one point of time wanted to be on the silver screen. Well, it’s no easy job to be an actor, because (except for a few causes) you actually have to act! Acting like some great person has said, is "reacting" to a particular situation. It’s that simple, you just have to react to the situation in front of you. People fail to realize this, and complicates stuff. Here are some tips that I would suggest to improve your acting skills. Remember it’s always "improve", never "perfect". Here are some tips, for people who want to make it to the Web at least, if not the silver screen. 1. Study the scene/situation – This is important, make sure you have the scene well covered, and you know all the double meaning that might be hidden in the scene. Also, be aware of what this scene would lead to. Have a long chat with the director and also the writer; see the character from their angle as well. 2. Dialogues- This is usually the trick part. Here is a trick- Sit down somewhere quiet and relax. Read the lines a few times and then close your eyes and picture the scene. See how the dialogues are connected; understand the eventuality that would occur due to these dialogues. Don’t learn it by rot, just read it and understand it. 3. Posture and Mannerisms- Make sure you know how your character looks like, and also have a good check of what his mannerisms are supposed to be. Don’t try and be the character, just incorporate what he is, into you. If you’re being yourself, then make sure that you show the good mannerisms about you. 4. Practice- No doubt can make you perfect. Practice the scene, make sure that you don’t just read the lines but act it out with the mannerisms and posture. Practice till you can comfortably tell the lines. 5. Nervous Streaks- This is an ironical situation. People get nervous about acting, but technically they don’t have to, because they can have take after take! So be cool and calm. Once you’re in the scene; make sure you own the place. If you’re feeling low, then you better throw it away, because you should realize there are many people paying money to watch you! They deserve a confident performance, where a smile reaches the eyes, and a tear comes not too late. 6. Rapport- Try and have a good rapport with the people around you, though it may not determine your acting skills in a detrimental way, if done, it can surely enhance your acting. Help your co-stars and take their feedback seriously. 7. In the end, it’s a web video, so you have complete control over the whole thing, and they are meant to be goofed up, so there is no real burden of expectation. 8. Last but not the least, learn to use your eyes, make sure that you can bring what you’re feeling into your eyes. This is because nothing can connect you to a person in the audience like your eyes can. If you’re doing all this by yourself, then you need to make sure that you plan it out and grit it out. Live the moment, live it because not many people actually do it. Though acting, is the most celebrated lie in the world, it sure is the most rewarding and entertaining profession. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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