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Business Motorbike games are custom made to draw the motor bike fanatics and geeks to the controls. If you already have an existing fascination for bikes and also are an established gaming geek, then motorbike games are meant for you. For motorbike game fans, in 2009, there is a game being launched called Ride to Hell. The information regarding this game is still quite sketchy, but from the looks of it, it looks like one of the GTA styled sixty’s biker gang gig. The hardcore, leather strapped biker gang pretty much rules the world, perched on top of their choppers, riding into the sunset. It is every living biker’s dream .e true. Not only that, you can now live your dream sitting on the couch of your room, with this motorbike game. There have been very less successful motorbike games, over the last few years. Usually the motorbikes play a small part in an otherwise automobile oriented arcade type racing games. Hence the target audience of motorbike lovers is always left disappointed. The only motorbike game which came close to being a success, is the dedicated motorbike game called Moto Grand Prix series. Rest all went out without a fizz. Motorbike lovers have been time and again been disappointed with bad graphics, unrealistic environments, and sorry excuses of otherwise much acclaimed bikes. If you take a look at the automobiles in any racing game, then you have it all, Lamborghinis, mustangs, mercs, and hummers. But when it .es to bikes, the options are limited. So after a string of disappointments, most motorbike game lovers are highly skeptical about any motorbike game. Some of the best motorbike game developers include Miniclip and Addicting Games, which are the proud creators of ‘Bike Mania on Ice’, one of the most popular bike game titles in the inter.. Maybe the reason why it is so difficult to create a good motorcycle game, is because controlling a real motorcycle involves a lot of body movements. Without the simulation like setup of some arcade machines, this effect is very hard to achieve. Even with good environments, the game falls short of being realistic. A joystick or a gamepad does not really have the edge necessary to enjoy a motorbike game. Very few people have the room or the money for a fully equipped arcade machine. This means that if the basic game play is only about riding, then people will loose interest very soon. Once the initial curiosity is satisfied, people usually move on. However, Ride to Hell can be more successful than its predecessors, provided there is going to be a multiplayer and PVP feature. If Ride to Hell proves to be a maverick biker gang with your pals and hammer other biker gangs to the ground, while you gather resources to pay for new swanky bikes and weapon upgrades. If all this and some more added kicks are included in this motorbike game, then it might have the potential to cut it in the market. Or else it will go down in the pages of gaming history just as its predecessors did. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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