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UnCategorized A child with anger issues can cause chaos at home. Parents be.e short tempered; siblings be.e distant and the problem child a scapegoat for anything that goes wrong in the house. We all want the best for our child. Ignoring angry outbursts or over-reacting to them is counter productive to a healthy family environment. If our child exhibits anger management issues, it is time to take a more proactive approach. Anger help for children is twofold; it is important that as parents, we be.e role models for proper anger management skills; it is also essential that we help our child make necessary lifestyle changes. Role modeling is the most effective way to teach our child good emotional management skills. Children absorb data from their environment. When faced with a situation that makes us angry it is important for us to remember that little eyes are watching and learning from us. If we strike out in anger it is more than likely our children will do the same. We want to make sure we are sending the right messages to our children. If we have anger issues ourselves, it is time to consult professional help. We must educate ourselves as much as possible to gain insight on anger and proper techniques in anger control so we can be a positive influence in our child’s life. Lifestyle changes can only be effective if they are taken seriously. A serious overhaul of the family diet is of utmost necessity. First of all, eliminate dietary triggers such as refined sugar, caffeine in soft drinks, trans fat in processed cookies or fried foods. Get rid of anything that has food coloring or preservatives. Reading food labels can be helpful in this regard. So can cooking meals at home instead of eating out. The problem is that the fast food we purchase at restaurants or supermarkets is filled with preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners and additives all of which can produce different reactions in different people. Most studies on food additives have been done on separate and individual items. The safety of each item does not guarantee the safety of the product in which multiple additives are .bined. Because we are all metabolically different, certain .binations of additives can trigger allergic behavior reactions in sensitive children. Others built differently might not be affected at all. We need to embrace whole foods cooked at home: bread baked with unbleached whole grain flour without additives, soups and salads made with fresh garden tomatoes and greens harvested not weeks, but moments ago. We have traded the immediacy of "live" food for a whole culture of food allergies and sensitivities. We need also encourage physical exercise. Cardiovascular exercise builds brain resources by increasing serotonin and norepinepherine, both essential for good mental and emotional health. It also rewires the neural circuits activating the sympathetic nervous system so that the child can break free from the addiction of anxiety and anger. Exercise encourages action which is the most effective way to dissipate fear. It is well known in the medical .munity that patients who exercise had the lowest anxiety scores. Somehow exercise allows us to be .fortable in our body and this .fort is then transferred to the emotional arena. By taking ownership of our child’s anger and behavior issues, we can work at restoring the family dynamics such that they reflect integrity, responsibility and love. Anger help is effective when we use lifestyle changes and responsible parental behavior to regulate the emotional temperatures of relationships within the family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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