Apple just fix vulnerabilities not only iPhone Mac will be affected ricky lee neely

Apple just repaired the iPhone Mac vulnerability is not affected by the BI Chinese station in September 2nd reported that if you have a Mac notebook computer desktop computer or apple, you’d better to upgrade its software system. According to the latest news, apple just recently repaired the vulnerability will also affect the Mac computer and apple laptop. Apple has been upgraded to the iOS version of the 9.3.5 system, through software upgrades to fix the vulnerability. On Thursday, it quietly released the upgrade of the OSX system, the purpose is to repair the Safari browser and operating system core components in the presence of this vulnerability. OSX update patch fixes three zero vulnerability, the attacker can break through these three vulnerabilities and completely take over the target user’s computer. Criminals as long as the user to access a specially designed malicious web site can be in the user’s knowledge of the remote execution of arbitrary code. This method is exactly the same with Citizen Labs and Lookout Security, the researchers found that the hacker attacks using iOS vulnerabilities. Criminals as long as the iPhone users to send a short message with a malicious link, if the user clicks on a malicious link, the criminals will be a hacker named Pegasus iPhone. Last week, a security researcher told BusinessInsider: "once you have this software installed on your phone, it is no longer your phone." This malicious software can extract large amounts of data from the infected user iPhone, each message, calendar entries, through Gmail email or WhatsApp messages will be sent to the working behind the scenes to monitor your hackers there. This malware will often upgrade through the phone’s GPS function will be distributed to the user’s location information to hackers. It can even download all the passwords of the user, as well as steal all the WiFi phone connected to the login information and password. Apple recommends that users upgrade to the latest version of the OSX system as soon as possible, as long as the open App Store application and click upgrade, the latest upgrade file name is Security Update 2016-001. (compile Lin Jingdong) promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章:

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