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Apple launched the Apple Watch support 50 meters waterproof technology – Sohu Wenwang Xue Ying Apple’s September 8th press conference held in autumn, has been on the Apple Watch sales remain silent Apple finally sound: according to CEO Tim · Cook said that since the release date Apple Watch rapid rise in the global watch brand rankings, the shipments have leapt to the world of NO.2. After Rolex. In addition, the long-awaited Apple Watch two generation is also synchronized on-line. It is understood that, in this update, Apple Watch two generations to add more new features, such as fitness, deep breathing and secure call function, but also supports the interaction between more users. It is worth noting that, Apple Watch two generations to strengthen interoperability with the game software. Swept the world’s AR game "Pokemon GO" is now logged on Apple Watch two generation, the user can find the surrounding fitness at the same time the elves, the perfect combination of fitness and AR games. It is reported that, "Pokemon GO" the game has been downloaded more than 500 million times. In addition to the regular upgrade Watch OS3, Apple also launched the Apple Watch two generation. And a generation is different, Apple Watch two generation has a super waterproof function, even in the depths of 50 meters can also be used under normal water, which is a good news for users who prefer swimming. Specifically, the apple in addition to all the speakers except the interface have been precision closed, even if the speaker water, Apple Watch two generation can also rely on the speaker’s vibration to discharge water. In terms of configuration, Apple Watch two generation GPU upgrade to the previous two times, and added a built-in GPS function. At the same time, the two generation of watches using the new 60FPS display, to provide users with the most bright screen visual experience. Yen for dogs, Apple Watch two generation using a new material: ceramic case. In addition, Apple also announced that it will jointly launch Nike and Hermes, more choice of watchband — although part of the consumer trypophobia may refuse to Nike version of the Apple Watch, but there are 4 colors for the user to choose watch strap. It is reported that the two generation Apple Watch starts at $369 for sale since September 16th. A generation down to $269.   相关的主题文章:

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