Beijing – VIDEO – a construction plant in Jiangxi, the construction of the collapse caused by more t

Beijing – VIDEO – Jiangxi in the construction of a power plant construction platform collapse caused by more than 40 people dead and rescue is [comment] November 24th 7 pm, Jiangxi city of Fengcheng province Fengcheng three power plant built in the construction platform of cooling tower collapse. At least 40 people have been killed in the collapse of the accident, the scene is tense rescue. According to the Jiangxi Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau report, November 24th 7 pm, Jiangxi city of Yichun province Fengcheng three power plant construction projects in construction of cooling tower crane collapsed, resulting in a horizontal version of concrete channel collapse, there are about 68 people working face. Local officials say the number of casualties is still being confirmed. A worker told reporters near the site of the incident at the time, only heard a boom sound. [i] earlier site workers at work, heard a loud boom, I looked at the table at about 7:38, I am in the office, (what rescue work) well, with the glove template, carried out molding tools, these scaffolding. [comment] reporters at noon that day to see at the scene of the accident, rescue dogs have been dispatched, firefighters are rescue time. After receiving the accident report, the party secretary, director of the State Administration of work safety Yang Huanning, deputy director of the party members, Sun Huashan rate of the working group immediately rushed to the scene to guide and assist the local government to do search and rescue personnel, rescue and rehabilitation work. Jiangxi provincial Party Secretary Lu Xinshe Jifu Fengcheng power plant accident scene, guide the rescue work, and held the spot, the fastest speed required to clean up the scene of the accident, check the casualties, efforts to rescue the wounded at any cost. Reporters learned that the Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant is located in Fengcheng City West Village stone copper factory Gushan, 8 kilometers away from the city Feng District, about 60 kilometers from Nanchang city. As of the date of 11:40, Jiangxi province fire brigade deployed 32 fire engines, 212 soldiers, 9 dogs, 2 drones, 7 sets and 7 sets of 3G individual life detector image transmission equipment for disposal. Reporters will continue to broadcast the latest news at the scene of the accident. Reporter Huashan Jiang Tao Liu Zhankun Jiangxi, Fengcheng reported相关的主题文章:

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