Beware the side effects of honey norton disk doctor

Beware of honey, the side effects of honey health care, has been recognized by everyone, many people still insist on eating some every day. However, if everyone is safe to eat honey? Honey is the most effective? From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, honey sweet natured, with replenishing spleen, laxative effect, can alleviate the problem of dry mouth, dry nose, dry skin and dry stool, and sedative effect. Honey can Ziyin Runzao, suitable for Yindeficiency patients. As a result of sensitive nose and nose, swollen symptoms, can be improved by taking honey. But the physical cold people, or the body often appear edema, edible honey will add moisture, do more harm than good. Therefore, before eating honey, should consider personal fitness. In addition, the selection of honey, but also depends on personal fitness. Different honey from different plants, Chinese wolfberry, longan, dangshen, hawthorn honey, partial temperature, tonic effect; Ginkgo biloba, Coptis, loquat, chrysanthemum, winter honey, flowers honey cool, there is heat effect. Take honey, a more reasonable way is to eat once a day, each about a tablespoon. Eat honey at different times, the effect is also different. Such as bedtime eat, helps to soothe the nerves, can promote sleep; and the spring and humid in summer, the morning is not suitable for food, it is autumn and winter. In addition, honey has a dual regulating effect on gastric acid, excessive consumption, will inhibit gastric acid, a small amount of food, will stimulate gastric acid secretion, so hyperacidity, have ulcerative inflammation, can eat in half an hour before, and acid deficiency, poor appetite of people, should eat before meals. Honey can also be directly swallowed with water. Warm water helps to stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help defecation. For easy to diarrhea, it is better to warm water. (water temperature does not exceed 60 degrees), can play the role of nourishing yin and tonifying. In addition, pure honey topical, but also play the role of anti-inflammatory sterilization. According to the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" records, external use of honey have sores myogenic convergence effect. In ancient times it was rubbed with honey to help skin wound healing growth. Modern medicine also confirmed that honey does have this effect. The use of honey at attaining, can play a supplementary skin moisture, improve skin dull effect.相关的主题文章:

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