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Small Business Are you frustrated with water leakage problems in your home, office or industrial area? You need genuine drainage and Watermain products. Hygrade Water can definitely solve your problems. We are Australian based .pany and distribute Watermain, Drainage and Streetware products. We are among the top water distribution products supplier. Our products are widely used in the main water lines, pump houses and other parts of the distribution system as the water moves from its source to its position in the end users street. We are known as the best Hygrade Water Main Australia since 1973. We are .mitted to provide you the best possible services and product supply. Our distribution centers are in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We are representing a number of internationally famous infrastructure product manufacturers. Quality is our first preference. You will not get economic products anywhere else in Australia like we have for you. We are among the leading suppliers of Sluice Valves and Couplings. Those are manufactured by Hawle. Our main products are Hawle E2 Flanged, Hawle E2 System 2000 Flange/Socket, Hawle E2 System 2000 Socket, Hawle E2 Elypso Socket for PVC, Hawle E2 Elypso with PE Tails, Hawle E2 .bi, Hawle A with Flanged Ends and Hawle System 2000 Fittings. It is very well known for its optimal functionality, durability and long working life. Sluice Valves are available in different types of dimensions and other technical specifications. Our other Watermain products are Flange Adaptors, Dismantling Joints, Ductile Iron Fittings and Pipe Saddles. We have a large collection of Ball Valves which can satisfy your needs. Our clients are satisfied with our products and services. We give the best value of the money they have invested in products. We also offer quality Couplings Australia. Our various couplings are Hawle System 2000 Couplings, Hawle Synoflex Couplings and Hawle-Vario Connector. The main purpose of coupling is to provide a joint between two pipes whether it is about the same size of different sizes. It is also used where the one pipes splits into two pipes. If pipe needs maintenance then the coupling is very useful. It can correct mis-angled pipe. Streetware is also very useful products. You can buy Manhole/Access Covers, Drainage Grates and Manhole Accessories. It covers and grates for various applications. It is high load applications like airports and port. We are a distributor of hauraton channel systems. Hauraton Channel is manufactured from recycled plastic, with a full range of ductile iron, galvanized mild steel (GMS) and stainless steel grates. Our various types of access covers are Single Part – Concrete Infill, Single Part – Solid Top, 2-3 Part – Concrete Infill, 2-3 Part – Solid Top, Service Trench – Concrete Infill, Service Trench – Solid Top, Circular – Concrete Infill, Circular – Solid Top, Multi Span – Concrete Infill, Multi Span – Solid Top, Specialty Airport & Wharf Access Covers etc. We are dealing with major brands; those are Hauraton, Hawle, Uber, Elkington, Gillies Metaltech, WaStop, Industrial Penstocks etc. We believe in to keep our product stock in advance. Call us on 1300 855 092 for more information or any query. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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