British Championship recommended three line attack, Bolton Marriott eight wins – Sohu-3edyy

The British Championships recommended: three line of attack against Bolton – Sohu to take eight consecutive game time: 2016. 11.09          Wednesday   03:45: 0.72    asian handicap   Cheltenham           0.5        Bolton; 1.04 European index: 3.18      3.30      2 match Preview: Wednesday morning football championship to England group phase by four, this season because this cup sponsor changed, causing the cup in the game system has made great reform. In the past, the elimination form will be changed to the junior stage, and then the team will enter the semi-finals and avoid too many early outs. At the same time, the Premier League youth team also participate in this cup, which allows a large number of new and young players get exercise opportunities. Cheltenham recently state is stable, the team in the FA Cup debut last week against Crewe, both sides can be replayed. The team has 8 games unbeaten in all competitions, in the face of home court is expected to pull the opponent to hoe bolton. Bolton’s recent three line attack took 7 consecutive victories, even better than the home team. More commendable is that the 8 game Bolton defence only lost 1 ball, defensive do so, believe play level, opportunity is very strong – bolton. The two teams do not belong to the same handicap chase league teams. At Bolton was unanimously optimistic about the mechanism, make life and death away 0.5 aocai handicap, out of 1.04 high water on the attitude, set up a high water blocking game player, reverse thinking analysis, strong side Bolton is still worthy of game player involved, unless the spot appeared back disc or data changes, or by the set of potential analysis, Bolton away still trusted. Half the recommendation: Pingfu, outcome, negative score recommended: 0:4, 1:2 Beijing single field did not let the ball, SMG recommended: 0 let the ball Shengping Fu Cheltenham (+1) recommended: 01 ball, SMG football did not get the ball, recommended: 0 英锦赛推荐:三线出击 博尔顿豪取八连胜-搜狐  比赛时间: 2016. 11.09    星期三    03:45   亚洲盘口: 0.72    切尔滕汉姆    + 0.5    博尔顿    1.04   欧洲指数: 3.18    3.30    2.00   赛事前瞻:   周三凌晨英格兰足球锦标赛小组赛继续烽烟四起,本赛季由于此项杯赛赞助商更改,导致这个杯赛在赛制上也有了较大改革。以往淘汰赛形式将改为初级阶段分区进行小组赛,再进入复赛,也避免强队过多早出局。同时英超联盟的青年队也参加到此项杯赛当中,从而令到大量新人及年青球员得到锻炼机会。切尔滕汉姆最近状态平稳,球队在上周足总杯亮相战平克鲁,双方只能择日重赛。球队在各项赛事已经8战不败,坐镇主场面对硬骨头博尔顿有望把对手拉下马。博尔顿最近三线出击豪取一波7连胜,出色的状态甚至比主队有过之而无不及。更值得一赞的是,这8场比赛博尔顿后防仅失1球,防守方面做到滴水不漏,相信发挥应有水准,博尔顿客胜机会还是甚浓。   盘口追击   两队不属于同级别联赛球队对碰,作客的博尔顿受到机构一致看好,客场做出0.5生死盘口,澳彩开出高水1.04姿态,上盘架设了高水阻击玩家,逆向思维分析,强势方博尔顿依然值得玩家介入,除非临场出现退盘或数据剧烈变动,否则按现时盘势分析,作客博尔顿依然可信。   半全场推荐: 平 负, 胜 负, 负 负   比分推荐: 0:4, 1:2   北京单场没有让球,推荐:0   竞彩让球胜平负切尔滕汉姆(+1)球,推荐:0 1   竞彩足球没有让球,推荐:0相关的主题文章:

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