British Semi-longhair Cat-ghost observer

Pets British Semi-Longhair is a longhaired cat breed. It originated in Britain during the last century and is now kept through many countries as an adorable pet. Even as it is not yet recognized as a distinct breed officially in the United Kingdom, it is .mon in other parts of the Western hemisphere. In United States it is called Lowlander whereas in Europe it goes by the name of Britanica. Often it is referred to as simply the British Longhair cat. Apart from its long fur, appearance of this pretty feline is not much different from that of the British Shorthair cat. Coat is lustrous and physique is stout in general. Head is round, with bright circular eyes and short ears. Legs are short too, but strong. Tail is plush and thick. Chest is deep, giving the overall impression of a .pact, medium sized cat. The origin of this interesting cat dates nearly a century back. At that time, native and imported long-haired cats were interbred in Britain. The result was a cat that was quite large in size, with a very long and thick fur. Thereafter, in subsequent years, a shorthaired version of the Persian was attempted and the resulting feline was quite different in appearance from the original British Shorthair. It was thus felt that there was a need for a longhaired British cat with an appearance similar to the native shorthair, and so the British Semi-Longhair cat came about. The lovely British Semi-Longhairs are not only good in looks, but also in behavior. These cats are quite calm and easy going. They are also very fun loving and playful, particularly as kittens. Attaching quickly to their owners, the felines soon develop an affectionate and enduring relationship with humans and are well liked around the world for their beauty and wonderful nature. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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