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I believe there are two essential strategies in business. 1: Never reveal all you know. 2: Joking apart, sometimes business owners get caught up in business development and business growth and end up not being able to see the wood for the trees. Many directors only ever consider conventional academic business training from leading consultancy agencies. However sometimes we are presented with excellent free business case studies, which identify fantastic business growth strategies that are never considered in conventional business universities. One such business study falls under the auspice of brand building and brand awareness. Business experts recognise it as self promotion and free advertising. Business Consultant Provides Insider Business Advice Tips To Fast Track Your Business Growth # 1 Self Promotion Free Advertising If you want to know how to run business or how to achieve growth in business then it’s wise to consider alternatives to a conventional business support service or business management training offered by a business consultant or business experts. To fast track your business growth the best insider business advice is to study celebrities like Katie Price AKA Jordan a master of the consultancy favoured art of self promotion & free advertising. Many business owners fail to realise the relevance or importance of self promotion free advertising for achieving the exponential growth of business. And yet some of the great heavyweight business entrepreneurs gain maximum publicity which in turn raises their business brand recognition which ultimately leads to increased sales. One only has to look at the likes of Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Madonna and the current UK phenomenon of Katie Price AKA Jordan the model and highly successful business woman. As a very successful model Katie Price participated in a UK TV reality programme called, ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here,’ which was filmed in an Australian jungle six years ago. Although she was never known as a shrinking violet, she ruthlessly grabbed every opportunity for her business self promotion. It worked out fantastically for her. She fell in love with one of her jungle camp mates and married him. The press fell in love with this celebrity couple and they graced front page media publications throughout the six year period they remained married. Six years later the divorce caused a split in the public’s perception of the couple, and it was played out in the media and TV stations the world over. Irrespective of how rich you are you could just not buy this amount of business and self promotion advertising. Following her divorce,her husband seemed to be gaining the upper hand as the darling of the UK media, Katie Price pulled another fantastic ace from up her sleeve and entered this years, ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here,’ TV Show. Massive ratings ensured she received unbelievable opportunities for business and self promotion which as mentioned turns into business growth. This intelligent and business savvy business woman knows how to run business and she will go down in business circles as the master of self promotion and free advertising. And rightly so, she has taken her knocks and always .es out fighting. Business experts understand precisely what she is doing and how this translates into growth in business. Sadly you just don’t get this type of insider business advice on many of the business management training programmes. The business consultant or management consultancy agency tasked with providing her business support service can only be overjoyed at the ease with which she turbo charges her business growth. Her business demeanour proves the phrase, ‘it’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get up again’ to be valid. If you think you could never personally utilise self promotion free advertising as part of your business growth strategy, then think again. Most of us have already done it to a certain extent, but many of us have forgotten, or not even realised we have done it. Think back to your school days when your teacher asked you a question and you raised your hand to answer. This was a form of self promotion and you were prepared to advertise to your audience that you knew the answer. Every individual business consultant refers to this as shameless self promotion, which is extremely valuable to the growth of business. The opposite of shameless self promotion, is called shameful self promotion. This is when high profile or celebrity individuals cross the line in search of free media advertising coverage. A perfect example of this was in November 2009 when Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Conservative Party leader both instructed their personal photographers to take a photograph of them individually posing in front of the mass of crosses symbolising the deaths of our UK armed service personnel. When rumbled, both had to issue a hasty apology. Good, bad or indifferent, this self promotion worked as both of these individuals were splashed across front pages of International press & TV publications. If nothing else business experts concur there is no such thing as bad free business advertising. Insider business advice suggests that there are two forms of self promotion, covert and overt. Overt self promotion is utilised by business owners like Katie Price Jordan. In order to achieve growth in business she is very determined to identify the best business opportunities which will grant her maximum publicity. She is totally unafraid to appear in question and answer TV programmes where the TV presenter asks her very personal questions. If anyone really knows how to run business then its Katie Price. Perhaps when she gets older and decides to slow down, she might move into business consultancy offering business support service and business management training because this business woman has a PHd in business development skills achieved at the ‘University of Hard Knocks.’ Before you consider self promotion as a means of gaining free media advertising then you should spend a little time researching who else utilises this insider business advice. Politicians are the industry leaders in this field. Think back to Tony Blair, Margret Thatcher, Bill Clinton and George Bush. Every single one of these politicians mastered the art of self promotion. Many celebrities utilise self promotion to sell tickets to their performances. Business entrepreneurs like Alan Sugar, Duncan Banatyne, Peter Jones, James Caan and Debra Meadon frequently utilise self promotion to raise their business brand awareness to fuel their business growth. Business experts advise caution when business owners consider adopting self promotion strategies into their growth in business strategic plan. There is a fine line between mastering self promotion and getting it .pletely wrong, which ultimately translates into halting the growth of business. Usually it is the overt style that .es across as being dignified and shameless. Frequently the overt style which often, but not always appears to be undignified. To sell yourself as dignified self promotion you have to ensure you can deliver what you are saying you can deliver. If you can’t, then people will know you have no real credibility and no real understanding of how to run business. Every consultancy agency offering you a business support service and/or business management training should strive to ensure you don’t fall into this lack of business credibility trap, because every business consultant knows that it very difficult, and sometimes impossible to recover from a mistake like this. A simple slip of the tongue can sometimes have a devastating effect on your business. No one knows this more that Gerald Ratner who was the high flying owner of the UK chain of jewellers known as Ratner’s. He simply joked about some of the jewellery he sold as being crap at a dinner function. Sadly his self promotion backfired when the press and media widely reported his .ments. His jewellery business folded soon after and he has never really recovered his high profile business entrepreneur status since. The International Business Guru & Growth Consultant grows businesses fast delivering exponential growth, increased turnover & profit margins. 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