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Can not afford to buy Watch2 Apple? This watch is running by magnetic cool – Sohu technology where the time went to touch You’ll see. say watch a lot of bad friends might immediately think of Apple’s new Apple Watch 2, but look at the price, look at his kidney, or can only swallow mouth water. In fact, whether it is Apple or Watch, the market of other smart watches, the function is the same, is nothing more than to see information, call what the pacing heart rate meter.. But in the second view, watch the most important function is to see the time. Or touch time.. The black watch The Bradley Timepieces recommended to touch the black market to bring poor friends today’s first product, is a touch time communion watch The Bradley Timepieces (Bradley).. Bradley is out of the ordinary place, without any pointer, nor any number, only two balls, but also driven by magnetic force. Not to mention the other, the cortex of the outer package is very comfortable to touch. Lying in the inside of this watch is the ~ ~ Bradley watch is the main body of a circular titanium metal dial, bad friends can see that there is no pointer no number. But in two a rolling ball instead of the commonly used pointer, so that everyone can know the time scale through touch ball position and time.. Bradley adjustment time is almost the same as ordinary watches, the crown will be pulled out, and then turn to be able to easily adjust the time.. The ball shows the positive side of the ball minutes, show the hours.. In order to increase the readability of touch, designers specially in 12 points with a triangular mark instead, replaced by straight line markers in a longer 3 point and 6 point and 9 point position. Also, because it is relying on a magnetic force, even if we are not careful to push the ball wide, fast start can restore the left two. Bradley was originally designed for the blind so that the blind could touch the time with their hands.. Can pay attention to the inside of the manual and braille.. The name of the watch is named after the former U.S. Navy officer Bradley Snyder, there is a very inspirational story behind.. Bradley Snyder on duty in Afghanistan accidentally attacked, resulting in blindness.. But he didn’t give up, instead of trying to practice swimming, won two gold and one silver good results in the world Paralympic games.. And this watch is not only to allow him to easily know the time, but also allows him to recover a lot of confidence, able to re integrate into society.. Although.相关的主题文章:

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