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Changsha high tech Zone: 2600 Internet companies gather   first half revenue 16 billion, game original title: Changsha high tech Zone: 2600 Internet companies gathered in the 16 billion half of revenue under the new economic norm, as Hunan’s economic "locomotive", Hunan Economic Zone charged with promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading, promote innovation and development. Relevant data show that the first half of the year, the Hunan provincial parks and above scale industrial added value accounted for the proportion of full scale industries was 61.7%, higher than the same period last year 2.3%, Hunan industrial economy further to the park together. And last year the total income of Changsha high-tech enterprises in the zone exceeded 250 billion yuan, ranking the province’s first park. Currently, the Changsha hi tech Zone in the country’s 146 national high-tech zones in the overall strength of the top fifteenth, the top in the top ten innovation capacity. Today, Changsha high-tech zone is to seize the "Three Zone Overlay" historic opportunity, through the implementation of innovation driven strategy, vigorously develop the new economy with new industries, new formats and new technology as the representative of the overall leader in each park Hunan. – trainee reporter correspondent Wu Hongman Yu Xuhua supported by many emerging industries hold up "half the sky" if careful inventory emerging industries in recent years appears, will be the virtual reality technology industry (VR) figure. Last November, China’s first virtual reality research institute officially settled in Changsha High-tech Zone, which means that the virtual reality technology "at the forefront of the seas", came to Hunan from the United States "air plant". As the only place to build a virtual reality industry ecosystem company, Hunan Virtual Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. to seize opportunities, not only took the lead in the introduction of virtual reality technology Changsha entertainment experience, also fully involved in various fields games, health and education, industry, real estate, live tour, achievements are at the leading level. The company’s chief operating officer He Yifeng introduced the development of virtual reality industry to achieve the hardware and content of "flex", so the company not only developed a VR camera, but also independently developed VR content platform — Zhai San platform. VR enthusiasts, or small entrepreneurs through the use of VR camera, shooting micro movies and other video themes, uploaded to the holy house platform can watch." We hope that through the integration of resources, to build a set of VR hardware, VR content production, VR content shooting and financial services as one of the base." The company chairman Luo Zhongli revealed that this year the company plans to open 5000 cooperation of virtual reality in all parts of the country experience, let more people early adopters of virtual reality technology. With the continuous development of VR technology, the economic benefits are considerable. According to AI media consulting released "2015 China virtual reality Industry Research Report", 2015 China virtual reality industry market size of 1 billion 540 million yuan, is expected in 2016 will reach 5 billion 660 million yuan, in 2020 is expected to exceed 55 billion yuan. Recently, the Changsha Municipal Commission by letter has also initially developed the "Changsha virtual reality industry development plan" (Draft)相关的主题文章:

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