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China Tourism Research Institute: 70% tourists choose rural tourism — the National Day holiday travel channel recently, the Joint Laboratory of tourism data Chinese tourism research and the establishment of the China Telecom to analyze the situation of rural tourism in 2016 National Day holiday. A, nearly 70% visitors during "eleven" participation in rural tourism after calculation, during the 2016 National Day holiday national travel more than 10 kilometers of tourists a total of about 186 million people, including rural tourism people about 129 million people, accounting for the same period of 69% tourist trips. Two, the ten largest source of large and medium-sized city agglomeration in rural tourism, cross city travel more than half the proportion reached 53.75%. Countryside ten tourists in Chongqing, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu four big city travel has occupied half of the country. Three, rural tourism hot destination favored from the tourist destination, the National Day holiday during the rural tourism has become the first choice of more and more people, the provinces and cities characteristics of rural tourism market highlights. The rural tourism destination Top50 hot four, 1/3 of the tourists choose to travel in October 1st during the National Day holiday, the first day of the holiday tour of rural tourists proportion reached 34.24%, the average residence time of 106 hours; choose early travel rural tourists accounted for only 5.54%, but the average residence time of the longest, up to 116 hours; in October 2, 3 daily travel of rural tourists accounted for about 27.09%, the average residence time of 60 hours; in October 4, 5 rural tourists accounted for about 20.06%, the average residence time is about 33 hours. October 6, 7 rural tourists accounted for the smallest (13.07%), the average residence time is short, about 15 hours. Five, the national average travel distance of about 151 km of rural tourism during the National Day holiday national tour average distance of about 151 km, about 51 small holiday travel distance of 2 times. Subregionally, northwest tourists travel the longest distance, an average of 345 kilometers; followed by the northeast region, the average travel distance is 302 kilometers; the central region rural tourists travel the shortest distance, an average of 153 km. Six, the national average travel time of rural tourism up to 42 hours during the National Day holiday travel time in rural areas for an average of 42 hours, compared with 51 small holiday grew by 66.75%. Among them, the longest and shortest travel time for tourists in Sichuan and Hunan, rural travel time were 62 hours and 22 hours. In terms of the region, the southwest tourists travel the longest time, up to 44.73 hours; the shortest in the northwest region, the average travel time of 32.88 hours. Seven, provincial tourism guests pass the night time more than half of the National Day holiday this year, provincial rural tourists accounted for 58.19% in the night. The number of visitors to stay in rural areas of the province shows that the average residence time in Sichuan is the longest, reaching 61.80 hours; the average residence time in Hunan is the shortest, which is about 22.44 hours. Eight, travel motivation in leisure and visiting friends and relatives of nearly 90% survey shows that rural areas travel, visiting relatives and friends accounted for 31.47%, accounting for 28.8 of rural leisure)相关的主题文章:

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