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Chinese will enhance the establishment of civilized toilet toilet hardware blacklist – Sohu News Reference News Network February 19 news media said, at the beginning of last year, China announced the launch of a new revolution, namely "toilet revolution". The plan aims to make the toilet facilities — has long been a joke – tourists at the international tourism standards. According to the plan, Chinese will build tens of thousands of public toilet, and rebuilding old toilets; the estimated total investment in this area will be more than 12 billion 500 million yuan ($1 billion 900 million). According to the "Washington Post" reported on February 17th, however, the problem is not only in the toilet facilities: the toilet etiquette may also need to change, for uncivilized behavior, there must be a corresponding punishment measures. In February 17th, the National Tourism Bureau said China blacklist "travel this" toilet revolution "may make those uncivilized behavior in the toilet public toilet who can not use the toilet to be included in the". "China daily" quoted the director of the National Tourism Bureau Li Jinzao: "a lot of people can spend a lot of time to dress himself, but do not want to take a minute to complete the toilet with the aftermath. The toilet civilization in China is still far from universal." The newspaper reported that a blacklist is possible for "uncivilized behavior toilet". How to implement is unclear, but the plan sounds and the National Tourism Administration publicly named the "uncivilized behavior" in the overseas tourism tourists Chinese practices similar. Chinese National Tourism Bureau currently on its website has informed the 16 uncivilized behavior of tourists traveling abroad, including plane and store clerk quarrel trouble beating. Reported that, even for experienced foreigners, Chinese toilets have long proved to be a headache. In 2005, Peter? "In a report to the Washington Post" in Goodman described such a common experience: in a public toilet, either Park, street, airport or train station toilets, stinking, breathless. The odor emitted to the surrounding environment. Go to the toilet only eyes upward, to avoid contamination of the ground. The toilet is no toilet paper. Many have no toilet flushing facilities. Almost all the toilets are not automatic flushing. The toilet is often convenient to pit around, no shelter, no secret. Want to use toilets? Hard。 China authorities are aware of the problem, has held the "association of public toilet" conference to help solve the problem. More than 10 years later, the situation has improved, but perhaps from the expected goal is far. Reported that the "new situation that the ongoing construction of the toilet revolution", China public toilet may have obvious changes. The China may not only appear Western toilet and deodorization technology, but also from the recently released by the National Tourism Administration draft, public toilets may be equipped with a large screen color TV, Wifi, automatic teller machine and sofa. This sounds luxurious.

中国将提升厕所硬件 建立不文明如厕者黑名单-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月19日报道 外媒称,去年年初,中国宣布发起一场新的革命,即“厕所革命”。这项计划旨在使全国范围的厕所设施――长期以来一直是游客的笑柄――达到国际旅游标准。按照计划,中国将新建数万座公共厕所,同时改建原有旧厕所;预计在这方面的总投入将超过125亿元人民币(约合19亿美元)。   据《华盛顿邮报》2月17日报道,然而,问题不单单在厕所设施:当局认为如厕礼仪可能也需要改变,针对不文明行为,要有相应的惩罚措施。2月17日,中国国家旅游局表示这场“厕所革命”可能会使那些在公共厕所有不文明如厕行为的人被列入不能使用公厕的“旅游黑名单”。   《中国日报》援引国家旅游局局长李金早的话说:“很多人可以花大把时间打扮自己,却舍不得花一分钟来完成如厕的善后工作。厕所文明在我国还谈不上普及。”   该报报道说,一项可能的黑名单是针对“不文明如厕行为”的。具体如何落实尚不清楚,但该计划听起来与国家旅游局公开点名曝光那些在境外旅游时有“不文明行为”的中国游客的做法相似。中国国家旅游局目前在其网站上已通报了16名在境外旅游时有不文明行为的游客,包括飞机上争吵闹事和商店里殴打店员者。   报道称,即便是对于经验老道的外国人,中国的公厕长期以来也证明是一个令人头疼的地方。2005年,彼得?古德曼在发给《华盛顿邮报》的一篇报道中描述了这样一个很普通的经历:   在一座公厕里,无论是公园、大街、机场或火车站的公厕,臭气熏天,令人无法喘息。臭气散发到周边环境。如厕者只能眼睛朝上,避开污秽的地面。厕所大多没有卫生纸。许多厕所没有冲水设施。几乎所有厕所都不是自动冲水。如厕者常常是不得不蹲坑方便,四周无遮挡,毫无隐秘性。想用坐式马桶吗?难。   中国有关部门很清楚这个问题,曾召开“公共厕所协会”会议帮助解决这个问题。十多年后的今天,情况有了改善,但或许离期望的目标还差得远。   报道称,“厕所革命”中正在进行建设的新情况表明,中国的公共厕所可能发生明显的巨变。中国国内可能不仅将出现西式厕所和除臭技术,而且从国家旅游局最近公布的草案看,公厕里可能会配有大屏彩电、Wifi、自动存取款机和沙发。这听起来挺奢华。相关的主题文章:

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