Complaints accounted for up to 50% of the problem; the new car alarm light alarm is worth a war

Complaints accounted for more than 50%  the new fault alarm lamp high worth warning — car — original title: complaints accounted for more than 50% new car fault alarm lamp high worth warning according to domestic research report defective auto product information collection platform vehicle quality network released report shows that with the current vehicle electronic components and application the more the fault alarm lamp is no longer a problem in a small probability event. In fact, not all the fault alarm lamp means a vehicle has a serious fault, the cause of the problem is relatively complicated, the owners need to distinguish, but generally speaking, for the engine fault light transmission and brake alarm system require extra attention. The complaint data show that the current car fault alarm lamp complaints focused on the issue of joint venture brands, accounted for 71%, this result is not surprising. First of all, sales of large base factors have to be taken into account, secondly, the joint venture brand electric control system with closed loop control, such as signal the existence of a link will stimulate the abnormal fault light alarm, its complexity is also higher than the independent brand. Complaints received from the current point of view, the compact car fault alarm complaints accounted for 42.4%, followed by SUV accounted for more than $25.3%, accounting for the proportion of medium-sized parking spaces accounted for 19.2%, and the proportion of basic sales. Alarmingly, buy a new car alarm lamp fault complaints within 1 years the proportion is as high as 50%, among them, 1 months Car Buying complaints accounted for 17%, the unexpected. ((Zhuo Jun): Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章:

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