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Baroque clothing (Introduction) – Sohu Baroque as an art style of the West in seventeenth Century, with advocating luxury style, the pursuit of romantic and unrestrained features. The baroque style in architecture, art, music, literature and art and various fields, has wide influence. Changes in art have also led to changes in fashion styles. The baroque style is the object of study, the characteristics and styles are revealed, and the embodiment and influence of Baroque style in contemporary fashion are analyzed. The formation and development of any kind of clothing style reflects the spiritual outlook of an era. Some design principles and aesthetic ideas of Baroque style can provide rich nutrition for today’s clothing art. We should carefully study the romantic adornment of Baroque clothing, analyze the decorative elements systematically, extract the essence of it, to nourish our clothing today. With the support of high technology, create a new and romantic fabric appearance, so that simple clothing to achieve practical and beautiful unity. Please continue to pay attention to the coincidence network WeChat public platform account, every day we will bring interesting and interesting fashion knowledge and collocation suggestions. Marking "coincidence original" article, all content is coincidence network original, forwarding please explain the source, otherwise we will be held accountable.

巴洛克时期的服装(引子)-搜狐      巴洛克作为西方17世纪的一种艺术风格,具有崇尚豪华气派、追求浪漫奔放的特点。巴洛克风格表现在建筑、美术、音乐、文学及染织艺术各个领域,具有非常广泛的影响。艺术上的变化也引起了服装款式上的变化。      巴洛克服装风格为研究对象,对其特点与样式进行了揭示,并对巴洛克风格在当代时装中的体现和影响进行了分析。      任何一种服装风格的形成和发展都折射着一个时代的精神面貌。巴洛克服装风格的一些设计原则和美学思想能给今天的服装艺术提供丰富的营养。要认真研究巴洛克服装的浪漫装饰,对其中的装饰要素予以系统的分析,抽取其中的精华,来滋补我们今天的服装。要在高科技的支持下,创造崭新的浪漫化的面料外观,使简单的成衣实现实用和美观的统一。      请大家持续关注巧合网微信公共平台账号,我们每天都会为大家带来有趣有料的时尚知识和搭配建议。   标注“巧合原创”的文章,所有内容均为巧合网原创,转发请说明出处,否则我们会追究其责任。相关的主题文章:

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