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Alternative Did you ever have sciatica and thought to yourself, This is my low back! Me too? Many low back sufferers, conclude leg pain to be sciatica or disc bulges. If this diagnosis is wrong, it can cause an inappropriate prescription of unnecessary treatment, delayed care or worse, it can result in a death or a missed diagnosis of a blood clot in the leg. Currently, there is action being taken by the government to warn the community about these hard to diagnose killers. Blood clots, usually make the papers when a mostly healthy person falls over after prolonged sitting, like during an airplane flight, or sitting at work for long periods. Our previous vice-president Dick Cheney, suffered a blood clot after a trip last year. NBC reporter, David Bloom died of a blood clot in 2003 after spending days in a tank while covering the Iraq war. According to our past Surgeon General, there are almost 100,000 deaths connected to blood clots every year. Risks for blood clots include; increased age (over 65), recent surgery or fractures, auto accidents, falls, prolonged sitting, obesity, smoking, or hormone replacement therapy drugs. People that have some or all of these risk factors, should be alerted to call there primary care provider or chiropractor at the first sign of any problems. Your chiropractor is a health provider qualified to look for signs of blood clots and determine if your leg pain is coming from your low back or something more sinister. Symptoms to look for include; pain in the calf, swelling in the ankles or legs, a warm or red spot of skin on the leg, pain upon breathing or shortness of breath. Studies have shown that only a third of patients need to be placed on blood thinners or have major surgery performed. Dont wait when you start having leg pain or numbness, it could be sign of something a lot worse. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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