Daqing’s first batch of subsistence allowances two fees will be issued as of March next year-ca1835

Daqing this year the first batch of subsistence allowances "two fees" will be issued as of March next year, and then to the heating season, heating has become one of the focus of attention. In order to let the minimum assurance families can live in a warm house, Daqing city urban minimum living expenses two aid work has begun, the first batch of subsidy funds will be opened before the heating into the heating and Property Department account. In September 20th, the Daqing evening news reporter was informed by the Daqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau that the academic aid of the minimum living standard college students had just ended, and the "two fee" assistance for the subsistence allowances began again. At present, Daqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau is to summarize the first batch of urban urban heating, property relief, and in the end will be submitted to the City Finance Bureau, by the financial sector directly allocated to the heating and property sectors, only poor families living in warm house on the line. It is understood that the Daqing minimum living standard "two charges" rescue work started in 2002, when only "three noes" subsistence allowances families on the basis of the housing area is not more than 60 square meters, given 80% of subsidies, other subsistence allowances are subsidized by 50%. However, since 2008, the "two fee" relief subsidy standard has been fully consolidated, as long as the housing area is not more than 60 square meters, the government subsidies, such as housing area of more than 60 square meters, the excess will be paid by the minimum allowance families. Daqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau staff said, "two charges" subsistence relief, every year two batches, the first batch was filed in August 15th, the second batch of processing time as at the end of 2017 3. "In fact, it’s accepted throughout the heating period." Daqing Civil Affairs Bureau staff tips, when applying, the minimum assurance families with low assurance, identity cards, housing all warrants, to the location of the community workstation to fill in the relevant forms.

大庆今年首批低保“两费”将发放 截至明年三月   马上又到供暖季了,供热成为时下大家关注的焦点之一。为了让低保家庭也能住上暖屋子,大庆市区城镇低保两费救助工作已经开始,首批补贴资金将在开栓供热前打入供热与物业部门账户。   9月20日,大庆晚报记者在大庆市民政局获悉,低保大学生学业救助刚结束,低保“两费”救助又开始了。   目前,大庆市民政局正在对市区城镇首批供热、物业救助情况进行汇总,并将在本月底报送到大庆市财政局,将由财政部门直接划拨给供热和物业部门,低保家庭只等住暖屋子就行。   据了解,大庆市低保“两费”救助工作起步于2002年,当时仅“三无”低保家庭在房屋面积不超过60平方米的基础上,给予80%的补贴,其他低保家庭则按50%补贴。   但从2008年起,全面统一了“两费”救助补贴标准,只要住房面积不超过60平方米,政府全额补贴,如住房面积超过60平方米的,超出部分将由低保家庭自行缴纳。   大庆市民政局工作人员说,低保“两费”救助,每年两批,第一批是在8月15日前提出申请,第二批受理时间截至2017年3月末。“其实就是在整个供暖期,都接受申请。”   大庆市民政局工作人员提示,申请时,低保家庭要带齐低保证、身份证、房屋所有权证,到户口所在地的社区工作站填写相关表格即可。相关的主题文章:

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