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Dental care during pregnancy to prevent abscess toothache – Sohu during pregnancy, maternal causes tooth abscess and 1 symptoms, mild to severe infection because of tooth decay may lead to oral infection. These damaged teeth infection may lead to abscess in your mouth, causing sore gums or toothache. 2, because of periodontal disease serious gum damage can cause the support of the tooth tissue inflammation, and cause the pulp pus. The pus will accumulate in your dental pulp, and then cause a tooth abscess. Pregnant women must seek medical treatment immediately to check a toothache. 3, the gap is broken or broken tooth tooth enamel will allow bacterial infection in dental pulp, as well as regional infection near the notch. The infection of dental pulp tissue will eventually lead to pulp damage and dental abscess. 4 teeth, tooth abscess symptoms abscess have many symptoms, including toothache, tooth sensitivity, gingival swelling, neck and chin gland swelling, mouth smelly or bitter, have a fever and so on. 5, dental health effects during pregnancy may cause some dental problems like premature pregnancy complications, high risk, low birth weight, premature infants and children’s dental problems Gao Jiankang risk. Two, how to prevent pregnancy, brushing teeth abscess in 1 flossing and brushing and flossing, 2 times a day. Use a soft toothbrush, and ask the doctor, make sure you use the right toothpaste during pregnancy, good teeth cleaning and health care. 2, regular oral examination if you want to be pregnant, be sure to have regular dental examination. This ensures that you don’t have any dental problems during pregnancy, or that there are few dental problems. 3, after vomiting during pregnancy to gargle if vomiting, acidic substances it may lead to tooth decay. In order to prevent any dental problem during pregnancy after vomiting or retching, time attack, be sure to rinse. 4, avoid sugary foods as much as possible to avoid eating foods rich in sugar, and after eating something must be washed teeth. Increase the amount of calcium in the diet, avoid excessive prescription analgesics and anesthetics. 5, if you have a toothache immediately seek medical treatment for minor dental pain in pregnancy, do not ignore it, you should immediately consult your doctor and dentist, to confirm whether there will be a health risk, and how to treat.相关的主题文章:

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