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Jewelry-Diamonds Marriages are one of the most important aspects of a couples life, and huge changes are brought about after the .mencement of marriage. And when the newlyweds are about to start a new life, one thing that plays a significant role is the engagement ring. And in this respect engagement ring men have an important part to play. Most of the times, you will see that an engagement ring .es with various stones, but the most .mon amongst them are diamond rings. When engagement ring itself provides a new meaning to this new chapter of life, diamond rings provide a firm hold, as it also symbolizes fidelity. And when a lady is giving wedding rings for men, it means that the former has chosen the latter to get tied in a bond of trust and love. Significance ofan Engagement Ring For many, choosing wedding rings for men is an occasion in itself, but many of you must be curious about learning the significance and symbolism that lies within the age-old tradition of engagement rings. Since diamonds last forever, so the reason behind it getting attached to this symbol of love also trace back to eternity. History holds the record that the oldest wedding ring that was exchanged relates to one of the oldest civilization in history. The circular shape of the engagement ring men and women symbolizes eternity. And thus, it has no beginning or end. The hole that is carved at the center of the circle also signifies a threshold that would give way to things both known and unknown to the couple. All in all, to provide each other with engagement rings symbolizes love that is immortal. Association of Diamonds It is quite a well-known fact that diamonds and engagement ring for men and women go hand in hand. When a woman presents a man with a ring that is carved with diamond, it means that it is the celebration of a holy union. An engagement ring is meant to remind the newlyweds with the cherished memory and a life-long bond to stick together in thick and thins. Diamond when associated with wedding rings signifies permanence and stability. The stone itself is known for several metaphysical attributes and thus concludes with power and integrity in a relationship. Moreover, since diamonds are crystals, so it is known to take mind off from unnecessary thoughts and yearnings. Significance of the Cuts Another crucial factor when you are considering engagement ring for weddings to present it to your loved one cut of the diamond means a lot. The cut of the diamonds have gone through various changes over the years to gain perfection. In the present times, a perfect cut of the engagement rings is the one that consists of fifty-eight facets. These facets divide the stone in a wedding ring into top and bottom half. In addition to these, there are also oval, emerald and princess cut diamonds which can be set in various interesting designs. The cushion cut is also in trend with the weddings that are happening. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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