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Gansu to build the first local corporate insurance company to build a platform open to the West Beijing Beijing in September 12 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Feng Zhijun) Gansu Province, the first national insurance agency in the Yellow River local corporate property insurance has recently been approved for establishing China. As the first China insurance company committed to creating a platform for the opening to the west, the future will be involved in motor vehicle insurance, enterprise and family property insurance, engineering insurance, liability insurance, ship and cargo insurance, short-term health and accident insurance. The 12 day, held in Lanzhou, the Yellow River Insurance Group successfully raised the news conference on the disclosure of the above information. According to reports, by the Gansu provincial highway Aviation Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. as the main sponsor, the United Chinese Railway Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. and other 8 companies jointly set up the the Yellow River property insurance the initial registered capital of 2 billion 500 million yuan, the company registered in Lanzhou City, in Beijing, Lanzhou also set up headquarters. Rong Zhiyuan, deputy secretary of Party committee, deputy secretary of the Gansu public transport group, Gansu is the golden section of the Silk Road Economic Belt, is an important channel for the country to open to the west. The Yellow River property insurance industry determined to build the West open platform, give full play to Gansu in the resources and location advantages, docking West and Central Asian countries, will become the insurance industry and the central and West Asia, communication channels, increase the effective supply of the insurance industry, to provide a good service for the implementation of the national strategy of insurance. "The establishment of the the Yellow River property insurance is the Gansu provincial government, the province’s economic and social development of the overall situation, Gansu focus on steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood needs and promote the supply side structural reform, major strategic decision made by the." Rong Zhiyuan said, there are 5 listed companies of the Yellow River insurance shareholders, 1 listed companies, 2 of the world’s top 500 enterprises, 6 shareholders the main business engaged in infrastructure construction, which happens to agree without prior without previous consultation with the "The Belt and Road construction background. Rong Zhiyuan said, the Yellow River property has six "first, namely: Gansu’s first local corporate insurance companies, insurance industry is the first phase of capital amounted to 2 billion 500 million yuan of the company, the company is the first company in the insurance industry for the characteristics of engineering insurance, insurance industry is the first to create value for the pursuit of the company’s insurance the first industry in small, steady, for the goals of the new company, the insurance industry is the first to build West open platform company. In accordance with the provisions of the CIRC, within 1 years from the date of the approval of the construction, to complete the preparatory work, the acceptance by the CIRC, in order to officially opened operations. Rong Zhiyuan said, the planning stage, will focus on the establishment of institutional mechanisms for scientific and market as the core, to build an appropriate scale, improve the structure of the personnel, tamp the foundation of management, and comprehensively promote the recruitment system and mechanism, basic guarantee of construction work, the company into the insurance industry’s first dedicated to opening up to the west the platform of insurance companies. (end)相关的主题文章:

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