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Health A general surgeon has to finish around 5-6 years of residency which can be more stressful than other program. When you hear of the word surgery, you know its stressful. The surgeon spends a lot of time in residency and then has to pass all of his board exams. When hes out on the floor, hell need to keep on top of everything. A surgeon doesnt have room for mistakes and consultation. He needs to get right to it because his patients could be dying if they dont get their surgery done. Its a time sensitive job. You only have a few hours to finish your surgery and move on to the next patient. They wont rush you but you have many patients in a day waiting for you. Its a highly intense job. You have to get surgery done and move on to the next patient. You will be under pressure if your patient is in an emergency condition. They are in extreme pain and they could have many other illnesses going on beside their need for surgery. You will have to deal with multiple illnesses and work it all together. Youll be doing a lot of thinking and assessment in order to get the surgery right. You dont have time to run and read the medical book for something you forgot and you cant consult people while your patient is lying there either. This is why surgeon needs to have experiences and be very knowledgeable about their work. A surgeon can’t make a lot of mistakes and they dont have a lot of time either. They have to be all ready to go. This is why you would need a lot of time to learn more about your job and to really get it down. This is why surgeons don’t have much of a social life until he’s well far in his career. You cant go into the surgery room and ask your supervisor how to perform a certain procedure because youre supposed to know it all. The pressure is on you. Its a high pressure job. You dont get to sit back and relax or interview your patients. Theyll be put to sleep and they will be waking up after youre done. They will have you to thank for if they get better and most of the time they do. A surgeon really saves a persons life. Its an important and high demand job. They really need surgeons out there. Patients cant stay on their bed and wait day after day. They need to get their surgery and they need it quick. Its a rewarding job but also very intense. You just have to find ways to balance out your work life and home life so you can enjoy life more and not have to devote all of your time in a hospital. Once you have many years of experiences, you will begin to enjoy life more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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