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Go to the sea to take a stage, hi! I knew I would meet again, the blue ocean, the lovely people. Because the sea is there, so I became your seaman! Just like wearing a red scarf, you can confidently wave out! Take the Royal Caribbean Cruises "marine myth", south of the blue waves, wandering in the grassland, and seagull Yan, my mirror with the head south chase, chase…… Catch, catch up with another socialist country in Southeast Asia — vietnam. A graphic via:@ Feng uncle, WX:XingZe_Feng, a mythical sail is the beginning of the most busy this Monday, and in the day but I gave myself a sneak blue travel, is also the third time this year cruise, believe that this voyage will still bring me a smile full of the best memories. Boarding today have to wear a haihunshan, Feiyue shoes, tied a red scarf, not to install X is not in the way to nostalgia, just tell yourself: life to do his seaman! Clear course, and remember to always maintain the appearance of youth. A vigorous and melodious whistle to attract the beautiful sunset, the small cloth this happy family also began on the deck to play dog abuse chapter, fortunately I have enough food. Night fell, the sea breeze is also growing, the two sides of the neon lights began to slip from the ear, faster, we once again bid farewell to the coast to find a new ocean. Two, cruising cruising time is comfortable free, because the moving castle will give you not stop play and experience! Whether you are the first cruise, or old driver, as long as the room holding a daily cruise daily as an expert, you can not miss any exciting. On the play: second Royal Caribbean cruise as executive Asian routes, from the atrium to the deck from bow to stern, indoor to outdoor recreation facilities and various such as atrium Plaza, Goods are available in all varieties., open-air theater, sea climbing, golf, swimming pool water treatment, Casino Royale, art galleries, duty-free shops…… There’s always a place to light your fire. Xiamen beauty chair Nana as fellow classmates always is full of aura, look like calm gas if the upcoming "Macao vice" has been playing in the palm of your hand. Met a pair of lovers happy to go to the 9 floor of the deck, when the sunshine in their mouth rise, sea breeze lifted a long white, suddenly the whole ship filled with sweet taste, I think you must have a lot of stories to get to this point. The 4 floor atrium Plaza every day staged a variety of topics show, every voyage captain will meet here to travel, this is a ship of the party, people lined up, holding a champagne with uniformed captain or mate’s first photo, and then thrown into the micro-blog circle of friends will envy others, a a moment as if you have entered the society. In the noisy, musicians from around the world are still immersed in playing, a trombone gentleman attracted me, because his side face calm, like most of the 007 series of Bond’s first play G相关的主题文章:

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