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Granny to the safe account transfer money for 40 thousand new network coffin of the insurance cheated light in the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Sun Tingting, Zhang Taoyuan reports: New River branch of the Agricultural Bank of Chinese Pu recently successfully stopped with financial fraud, saved eight years old more than 4 yuan of pension. From the beginning of August 9th, who lives in Yuexiu District Dadong Street’s Chen Popo received a strange phone, the phone claiming to be "public security", said Chen mother involved in drug trafficking cases, "police department" to arrest her. Chen mother panicked and explain to each other said: "I am more than and 80 years old this year, has never seen what kind of drugs, how could the drug?" The other told Chen Popo, may be someone secretly with her identity card to open a bank card number involved in the drug trade, Chen Popo wanted to prove innocence, must be their own bank card inside all the money to go to the "police department" a "security accounts", whether there is a drug fingerprint they need to check this money. Chen Popo was scared, and actively cooperate with the phone that "public security personnel". The name of the public security staff told Chen Popo that the matter should be highly confidential, and never be able to mention the matter with his family, bank staff, or immediately to arrest her. Chen law one by one promise. At noon on August 11th, Chen mother hastily ran to the Agricultural Bank of New River Pu branch, to be his wife and only 4 yuan deposit to the public security departments to provide "security accounts". Chen Popo will ask the teller 4 yuan deposit yet due to demand, and go to an account. The training course of long-term anti fraud, let Chen Popo teller reception Zhou Xinchan keep an eye, she asked Chen mother know the payee, why to transfer money to each other. Chen Popo answered hesitatingly. Zhou Xinchan keenly feel that things are not so simple, so that the branch vice president and chief operating officer Wu Yingfeng. Details of Wu Yingfeng’s account of the week Xinchan other inquiries, found that the account is opened, water is rich in each one immediately turn away, which belongs to the characteristics of the typical crime criminal account. But for bank staff reminder, Chen still do not believe his mother cheated. Persuasion for nearly half an hour, Wu Yingfeng asked Chen Popo how old relatives of the payee, Aunt Chen said about more than and 60 years old. Wu Yingfeng points out that the recipient is only more than and 30 years old. Heard of "the other" is now very young, Chen mother only oneself really is deceived. See light suddenly. Chen Popo said his wife paralyzed in bed, had been cheated nearly 200 thousand yuan, which is more than 40 thousand yuan Chen Popo and his wife’s last coffin". "If you cheated off, my wife and I also how to live ah." Thank you for the elderly, specially to the bank presented a banner. The public security departments have also rewarded the behavior of bank employees.相关的主题文章:

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