Guangzhou 7 year old man living alone want to learn Cantonese Opera meningitis concert stage drop dead diva

Guangzhou 7 year old man living alone: want to learn Cantonese Opera meningitis sing about Aunt Lee, people familiar with her will give positive energy, strong and optimistic words: unremitting self-improvement and helpful…… The 70 year old low household "three noes old, is focused on helping object within its jurisdiction, is even more enthusiastic volunteers of the street. At the age of 3, Lee, who grew up in a single parent family, was suffering from meningitis. Due to the limited medical technology, this serious illness left her a hangover, intelligence and therefore affected. "Did not read many books, have no formal job, is to do manual work." Love more than 10 years ago after his death, the family has not Li Yi, a person in a day and optimistic about life. Living in the old city, Lee aunt a group of like-minded friends, sing opera, participate in community activities…… A person’s life is simple, but also wonderful enough. Taking into account the Li Yi and advanced in age, living alone, and no life and work ability, the civil affairs department and a comprehensive street to give her a full range of care. The street aged attendant every two days come again, to help Li Yi cleaning, Haircut; comprehensive home staff will be regularly home, to accompany the elderly chat; civil affairs department staff timely follow-up visits, to understand the needs, help the furniture home appliances clothing…… "TV, rice cookers, mobile phones are all sent to the Civil Affairs Department, the house is also a volunteer cleaning, the street is very good for me." A head of hair Lee aunt cheerfully said, every community performances, street workers will invite her to participate in performances of opera program, which makes her life sustenance. According to reports, in the early years, the health of aunt Lee is an enthusiastic community volunteer. "Wearing red armbands to direct traffic, very loyal." Street Civil Affairs Department staff said Lee’s enthusiastic pay for the community to add a lot of warmth. Referred to the future, said Lee aunt, older, can not take care of themselves, will go to the nursing home to live, to know more friends. When asked about the small wish, a look at the house, said Li Yi, the daily use of small objects, everything in the home, is the capacity of the rice cooker is larger. If you can, I would like to change a small enough for a person to use a rice cooker." In addition, melody opera is Li Yi’s good heart". "I hope to have more opportunities to learn Cantonese opera, listening to opera, singing opera stage." In an interview, the mobile phone has been circulating playing "flower" aunt Lee hall said. The case does not belong to the publication of public donations charity information, authenticity of the individual responsible for the release of information. – this version of the Information Times reporter Cui Xiaoyuan edition photographic information times reporter Xu Min editor: GDN007相关的主题文章:

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