Guangzhou auto show new car preview third bombs don’t say new car less (video) x3210

Guangzhou auto show car third car bombs don’t preview less Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog) will be opening next week, this period continue to preview: 1 new Roewe (micro-blog) Vision-R concept car coming up, the reduction degree is high to wait and hope is not a concept of Fan Bingbing; 2 Benz domestic new E standard wheelbase version will debut before. A E 300 interior as being friends Tucao, reason is the abolition of the LCD instrument, but you know, the LCD instrument is to optional in Germany; 3 new generation Cruz (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) get rid of the previous generation short setback ugly shape, the appearance of the hatchback version of the shape is also very dynamic 4; domestic free light (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) has become the Guangzhou Fick pillar, domestic new guide (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) can strive for further improvement; 5 SAIC MG (micro-blog) will be issued Cloth a small SUV. The new Cruze hatchback is approaching, Benz E class Coupe spy shots today, SAIC Group announced the Roewe Vision-R concept car coming up, and the exposure of the local details of the plan. The new car will debut at the Guangzhou motor show, the drag coefficient as low as 0.25, in the current global production models in the top. Roewe Vision-R concept car production will undoubtedly rival luxury models of the top drag technology will become a major highlight of the Roewe car, is bound to improve vehicle performance in many aspects such as stability in oil, and mute. In addition, the same concept Vision-R era of beauty and sense of science and technology will also let the market is full of expectations for the new car. Roewe Vision-R concept car production in the design, the new car follows the design style of the Vision-R concept car, sharp lines straight shape with full surface, in line with the trend of automobile design. The details of the 360°, waistline; throughout the body, pure lines smooth, coherent. Roewe Vision-R concept car production Vision-R concept car is the first Roewe embodied a new generation of "rhythm" design language, last year at the Guangzhou Motor Show debut has been widely sought after, also won the international automotive design "Bible" — the Japanese car design professional magazine "CARSTYLING" named the "2015 best concept Chinese the car design award, becoming the first to receive the award China brand car. After the production of the Vision-R concept car will be presented, the car will have what surprises, it is worth looking forward to. The day before, our official learned from Beijing, the domestic new E standard wheelbase version will be officially unveiled at the Guangzhou motor show in November 17th, listing time will have to move to the beginning of 2017. According to previously published information, the new car will launch E 200, E 200 4MATIC and E 300 and other models. From before the exposure of the spy photos, the domestic E standard wheelbase and long wheelbase version of the cash is consistent, and will continue to provide a beacon of large size LOGO two front. Tail, the standard wheelbase version of the E class of the rear window and the door with an integrated design, and not as long wheelbase version of the same type of installation on the C column, which is also the district.相关的主题文章:

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