Hangzhou property investment passengers after the surge G20 40% buyers are outsiders kamikaze love

Hangzhou property investment surged G20 after 40% buyers are outsiders benefit from the G2O, the Asian Games and other favorable policies, the Hangzhou property market is experiencing the best history of the stock market, and foreign buyers are come in a throng. According to our statistics, in 2015 the proportion of non local buyers in about 18%, while in 2016 the proportion of non local buyers to 30%, after G20 is increased to more than $40%." General manager of Hangzhou science and technology company crown crown palace told reporters. Public data shows, since March this year, the "Shanghai guest" led by foreign buyers in Hangzhou home increasing proportion of nearly 30% in June, the city’s new commercial housing property buyers from outside Hangzhou City, the "Shanghai guest" accounted for 5% of total volume doubled, compared with the beginning. Previously, basically Zhejiang people to buy a house in Hangzhou. Today, Jiangsu, Shanghai people have come in a throng especially G20 after the summit, the Hangzhou property market is being ushered in a wave of a wave of foreign investment. Pour in the foreign buyers Zhang Nan (pseudonym) who lives in Shanghai Minhang, his house has risen to 50 thousand yuan per square meter, but according to their own income in the urban replacement feel a lot of pressure, so consider the extra money to get Hangzhou to invest. "At G20 after the party think Hangzhou is very beautiful, Hangzhou is not far away from Shanghai, the price is not high, therefore intend to invest in a house." Zhang Nan told reporters and, like the people of Shanghai have a lot, but not only the people of Shanghai, every weekend, many real estate sales offices in Hangzhou will meet buyers from all over the country (investment). In September 17th, Qianjiang Century City Henderson Xu Hui Fu hung a huge banner in the sales offices: "welcome to Wenzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing house". In addition to investment in the Yangtze River Delta, investment passengers from Beijing and Guangzhou and other places have joined the gold rush of the Hangzhou property market. Hangzhou transparent network data show that in August 2016, Hangzhou city’s total turnover of 19 thousand and 900 new housing units, an increase of 66% compared to August 2015, the first column of the same period in the history of the city; in August traded a total area of 2 million 40 thousand square meters, the total amount of 34 billion 600 million yuan. Among them, 18 thousand sets of urban transactions, the total transaction area of 1 million 820 thousand square meters, the total turnover of $33 billion. August, the city’s new commercial housing, housing a total turnover of 14 thousand and 600 units, a total area of 1 million 680 thousand square meters, with a total amount of $29 billion. Which 13 thousand sets of urban transactions, the transaction area of 1 million 480 thousand square meters, turnover of $27 billion 400 million. At the end of August, Hangzhou new commercial housing turnover in 2016 exceeded 150 thousand units, a record high. Zhejiang Hangzhou property market is the most stable, so many people will come to Hangzhou to buy a house in Zhejiang. For example, you go to the money invested in the bank’s financial management, the number of funds will flow into the real estate, it is not as good as their own to buy a house." Hangzhou, a local developer told reporters. G20 party, Hangzhou’s stunning debut, attracting more attention to the triangle buyers. Therefore, after the G20 summit significantly increased foreign buyers. A E-House Research Institute report pointed out that from 2006 to 2014, both the absolute scale of Zhejiang province or urban population.相关的主题文章:

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