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UnCategorized If you’re thinking about buying a heat pump but don’t know what type to get, what brand or how much they cost here’s a few things you may want to know. Whether you want to use it for heating or cooling or both you want to get the best heat pump price and the best heat and air conditioning model for you. You can save a lot of money if you choose a heating/air conditioning pump with less power. You want to check the size of the BTU’s (British Thermal Units). The 10,000, 12000, 13,000 and 14,000 BTU models are the heatpumps you’ll see most .monly. There are two general types – air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. Ground source pumps require a laying of pipe under the ground and are much more expensive than air source. Plan on spending at least $12,000 or so including installation and other costs associated with it. There may be future maintenance costs also, so keep this in mind. Most .monly people will opt for the air source heat pumps. These cost a lot less than ground source pumps and generally people buy them and place them in a window or buy a free standing mobile or portable unit they can easily move from room to room. A central heating and cooling system using a heat pump to try to heat or cool the whole house will cost between $2200 and $6500 depending on whether you need to install ductwork if it’s not already in place. Even with central air you may still need a smaller unit for a garage or bedroom. If cost is more important to you than perfect heating or cooling capacity, then look to the lower end BTU units. If you have just a small area to heat or cool or require little air conditioning then these units will be a better buy for your money. The smaller a/c heating unit prices can start from $400. If you stick to the name brands like Amana, Honeywell, Sears, Carrier and Trane, you may pay more but you’ll get a good unit with less likelihood that it will need repairs, troubleshooting or maintenance. However there are many lesser known brands that people are quite happy with. You can always start with a smaller unit and see how that works and move up from there if you can’t decide. But you want to know your prices so you can .pare. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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