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Hit and run? Security? Zhou Jie called the "scapegoat" injustice "made greater combat" original talk show "big fight" said value will be 22:00 in September 12th in Zhejiang satellite TV prelude. The premiere of the lineup of guests also collective appearance, rich life experience of the old gun team: Zhou Jie, Yueming Pan [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Zhang Shaogang, Wan Feng, Li Qinqin [micro-blog]; and the young fresh team: Liu Xuan, Wu Shanru, Wang Xi, Shi Yang, Yang Di, Liu Dongqin, [micro-blog] Jean Zhang Ermao, high. Moderator held by Zhao Yiou, Wang Weizhong [micro-blog] as the speaker of the value of the word, the two firmly hold the judge camp, there are also pinch pinch each other, you come to me, laugh fruit constantly. Zhou Jie responded to the negative rumors a few years ago, because of the hit and run of Zhou Jie, security and other events, negative ridden. Although Zhou Jie’s agent said, there is a misunderstanding, Zhou Jie also issued a statement, but it is an across the screen, users do not seem to buy it. The program to record the scene, when Wan Feng published views, called network destroy people are from their own mistakes, Zhou Jie could not restrain emotions stand up. This is the first time he tells these details and reasons. The "798 hit security events in the view of Zhou Jie is make groundless accusations. Although these things have been in the past, but still let him frowning again. Wan Feng was on his Zhang Shaogang filled with righteous indignation, carefully analyze the reasons for the loss. One thing Wan Feng Tucao Papi sauce "live" as the most absorbing powder, attracted many celebrities have joined, even the old gun team has many unexpected "anchor", a loyal powder such as Wan Feng himself is a live circle. But when the waves meet "angry man" Wan Feng live Master "Shi Yang, the two generation of people live to the audience is the" fight of the century "debate, full of the smell of gunpowder. Wan Feng did not dare to say to stop its consistent style, or circle of influential man Papi sauce live tucao. Dare to say let the guests will be struck dumb and outspoken. Old gun PK little meat two times point of confrontation, the sharp escalation of natural needless to say. Zhang Shaogang unraveling like analysis of the idea argument, debate opponent Yueming Pan to win the game not only rendered speechless; a big show of music and dancing, even in the game Canbei onto the surface of glass is unyielding; Li Qinqin field evaluation of "Ge Youtan", verse frequent. Lady Wu Shanru Jacky Wu [micro-blog] inherited his father’s mantle, garrulous old gun back. Wang Xi Ru Pingzhi female dance link and Yueming Pan Peihemoqi, attracted the audience screaming fans. Harvard University psychology Dr. Liu Xuan motion analysis from the angle of psychology, to the old artillery inexplicable pressure. As Zhang Ermao love gossip grow association with the ace reporter, understand each star behind the scenes on the secret. Distinctive meat to calm against the old gun team, and no mercy. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章:

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