Hongkou District renovation of Lu Xun Park noise nuisance bold innovative urban management modeloboni

Hongkou District Lu Xun Park renovation noise nuisance bold innovation city management mode according to the "Youth Daily" reported that the "Lu Xun Park loudspeakers sound disturbed tourists and park surrounding residents are unable to rest and play, a player continuously complaints", Ouyang told reporters in Hongkou District squadron. In order to return Lu Xun park a quiet and elegant environment, recently, Hongkou District Ouyang street, long-term group joint public security, urban management, market supervision and management, environmental protection and other departments, the park noise nuisance carried out large-scale comprehensive rectification. Park noise nuisance is a long-standing problem, it is quite difficult to repair. What should I do? Long Park Group and Lu Xun has released the "Lu Xun code", "civilized Garden Park Lu Xun Park noise management measures" provisions, carry out Tiaocao: dance, fitness and entertainment activities should obey park staff arrangement, dance, aerobics and other activities, the volume should be controlled at 70 db. The park opened at 10 in the morning to agree, and do not carry sound amplification equipment, audio speakers and other equipment park. With rules, somebody has to take care of it. Park managers and volunteers are obviously not enough, and there is no law enforcement authority. So, Hongkou District City bold innovation management mode, the original only in the street law enforcement inspectors into the park, comprehensive renovation, the reporter saw in the park, in order to avoid conflicts, each time in the process of law enforcement, law enforcement inspectors are wearing the whole video recorder, sound recording, guarantee the legitimate law enforcement process. Often go to the park to practice boxing people Fu told reporters that in recent days, Lu Xun Park, noise nuisance has been improved. Broadcast to Tencent, micro-blog scan the left two-dimensional code: focus on "Shanghai play (lvyouSH)" weekend to play to hi! Reply to "surrounding islands": around seven islands, blue sky and blue sky, walk away! Return to welfare: tickets for Happy Valley are being delivered! There are occasional free tours tour group welfare, play in Shanghai Oh ~ ~!

虹口区整治鲁迅公园噪音扰民 大胆创新城市管理模式据《青年报》报道,“鲁迅公园里的高音喇叭声,扰得游客和公园周边居民都无法休息和游玩,投诉接连不断”,虹口区欧阳城管中队的一位队员告诉记者。为了还鲁迅公园一个清静幽雅的环境,近日,虹口区欧阳街道、长远集团联合公安、城管、市场监督管理、环保等部门,对公园噪音扰民现象开展了大规模的综合整治。公园噪音扰民是个老大难的问题,整治起来有相当的难度。怎么办?长远集团和鲁迅公园先后发布了《鲁迅公园文明游园守则》、《鲁迅公园噪声管理规定试行办法》,规定:开展歌舞、跳操等健身娱乐活动应听从公园工作人员安排,歌舞、跳操等活动,音量应控制在70分贝。非经公园同意,开园至上午10点外不得携带扩音设备、音响喇叭等器材入园。有了规则,还得要有人来管。光靠公园管理人员和志愿者,显然是不够的,且没有执法权。于是,虹口区大胆创新城市管理模式,原先只在街面执法管理的城管队员走进了公园,参与公园的综合整治,记者看到,为避免矛盾,每次执法过程中,城管队员都佩戴执法记录仪,全程录像录音,保证执法过程合理合法。经常去公园练练拳的市民傅先生告诉记者,最近几天,鲁迅公园的噪音扰民现象有了明显的改善。 转播到腾讯微博 扫描左侧二维码: 关注“上海玩乐(lvyouSH)” 周末玩到嗨! 回复“周边海岛”:周边七处海岛,碧海蓝天说走就走! 回复“福利”:欢乐谷门票正在派送中! 还有不定期免费申游团福利,就在上海玩乐哦~~相关的主题文章:

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