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Automobiles "Some say that purchasing a 300ZX moves you to the dark side. What do you mean the dark side? was my initial response when I first bought my beloved Zed. I didnt even need to wait for the response when my 300ZX was hit in a car park causing a fair bit of damage. At the time I was organising my first big event for the 300ZX club of New Zealand which featured a shownshine, one event I wanted to enter. As event organiser, shownshine entrant and a proud new owner of a 300ZX I thought it my duty to fix the poor car up to a better standard than it was previously. This was my first bonding session with my car. I loved it. I wanted more, bigger, faster. The dark side question was answered. Being an electronics engineer I began investigating what could be improved with the general wiring and electronic control of the car and discovered that Nissan had built a very robust, comprehensive system. They had even thought of including an Aircon diagnostics procedure that could test the entire Aircon system from the seat of your car without any tools. You could change the speed of any fan and check the temperature of any sensor plus some other handy tests. I fell in love with the electrical system. I also found that you could interface to the ECU using your laptop. I researched some cable systems that had claimed to do so and figured that I could design something better. So I did. What resulted was the first blaZt RS232 consult cable. At that stage, September 2004, it was just a hobby. However once my fellow club members and friends wanted to purchase some from me I decided to turn it into a part time business. In December 2004 my day job contract was terminated, so I decided to make a go of blaZt full time. I have dedicated my full time attention to this ever since. For 5 years I have supported myself (including my kids) with blaZt by running a lean and efficient operation selling a product that benefits most car owners. I hope you get to enjoy the products I have produced. Jason Dear, blaZt, " About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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