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Food-and-Drink Making ham is very easy and in this article you will learn to make a Chinese style ham the need for costly equipment. These are the steps in making your very own home made ham: To make a Chinese-style ham, you will need two pieces of pork legs and each leg should weigh at least five kilograms. Trim the legs but do not cut off the hooves and then you will need to prepare the pumping pickle ingredients for the pork. The pumping pickle ingredients are the following; one cup of boiled water, four cups of saturated salt solution, half a teaspoon and an additional of one eighth teaspoon of curing salt, a drop of oil of clove, and two drops of maple syrup. Dissolve all the dry ingredients in a small amount of salt solution first before adding it to the rest of the liquid. Stir everything thoroughly and then strain the mixture. The next step is to prepare the dry cure mixture ingredients. You will need three tablespoons of refined salt, one tablespoon of sugar, and one and a sixth of a teaspoon of curing salt. Mix all the three ingredients well and then put the pickle ingredients in a syringe. Inject the contents into the leanest portion which is usually closest to the joints and bones. Use only one half cup of the pickle solution for each kilogram of meat. Massage the legs to help distribute the pickle. The dry-cure mixture is to be applied on the skin and on fleshy portions of the legs. Arrange the pork on wooden racks and place them on the middle portion of your refrigerator. Keep it refrigerated for fifteen days and on the fifteenth, rub the dry cure mixture without the curing salt on the pork legs. Store it again the refrigerator for another fifteen days. Remove it from the refrigerator after fifteen days and submerge in a tub of warm water. Scrub away the excess salt. Secure the legs at the joints and tie them with a cotton twine or wire. Meat should be dried in an artificial dryer at a temperature of 110 F. An artificial dryer is like an oven that can keep temperatures at 110 F to 120 F. Products that are dried in an artificial dryer will yield a better quality of meat than those that are left to dry under the sun. An alternative to an artificial dryer is by placing the meat under a heating lamp or you can just leave out the drying process and cook it slowly inside an oven at a low temperature for a few hours. Store the ham in a clean and well ventilated room if you want to further enhance the flavor of the ham. If you don’t like all this hassle, you can always check out acorn cured hams or any Spanish ham at your favourite meat shop or grocery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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