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Huang Taiji and then turn off shop storm restaurant factory model can not be copied? Original title: Huang Taiji and then turn off the shop storm burst red food factory shop model can not be copied? Recently, a number of media reports Huang Taiji in the Beijing area of the emergence of a large number of stores closed in September 21st, Huang Taiji published the article "CEO He Chang Valley, which has a peak", for the first time to respond to rumors, confirm the large factory stores closed in half. For the media criticism, he Chang in the article responded: "do you really want to have a Huang Taiji world?" The industry believes that. Huang Taiji cited the Internet explosion point has been the capital market and the consumer’s attention, many of the transition is also tried to get more traffic, but in fact, in the focus on marketing and cooperation, Huang Taiji ignored the problem of products catering industry itself, the line line encounter problems under Sustainable development. "China business" issues related to this reporter contacted Huang Taiji concurrently to interview letter, Huang Taiji co-founder Huang h not to answer questions from reporters refused interview. Red net after Huang Taiji as a valuation scale of 1 billion 200 million yuan enterprises in the investment community called large start-up companies, but this is about 1000000000 yuan of the company are at their outset attention and questioned its brand and the heat has existed at the same time. Throughout the course of development of Huang Taiji, from the beginning of the pancake fruit, up to now the takeaway platform, previous public hot spots on most of Huang Taiji and put up a pageantry shop, store and are known to the public. Wan Deqian, an independent electricity supplier experts believe that, compared to other industries, the food and beverage industry can better show the effect of blasting on the line. That is to say, queuing phenomenon better attract more traffic, although this is Huang Taiji team itself has been to innovative enterprises, but has no roots in the catering industry, catering industry is an industry point to detonate a lower cost, but also the most likely to stand on the air." Wan Dekun told reporters. The explosion of red Huang Taiji, the Internet industry insiders told reporters, before 2012, he Chang in the circle and there is not much known, but by virtue of its overnight explosion of red circle quickly became a celebrity, its marketing in the beginning, is undoubtedly a success. For the sustained attention, Wande dry said: "the most fundamental reason is that Huang Taiji is a marketing tool by a burst of red network, in order to achieve the purpose of flow, but also in these natural means to attract all kinds of media attention in the spotlight, the problem is more eye-catching." In fact, Huang Taiji’s business model is difficult to support its advocacy model. For the current status of Huang Taiji, Wande dry analysis, the Huang Taiji team attach too much importance to enterprise publicity and marketing, catering enterprises ignored the most important issue – quality products and flavors, tongsudeshuo is their food. "No good, the price is not reasonable" problem. Due to the problem of taste can not be uniform standards, single from the price, you can highlight its problems, such as the sale of the pancake stalls in Beijing area is about 5 yuan, while Huang Taiji.相关的主题文章:

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